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Judge rules on fate of ex-Works minister today

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Mr Ousman Badjie, a father-of-four, is said to have caused economic loss to the government of The Gambia among other criminal charges. 

Prosecutors said he negligently causing 34,333 euros loss to the government of The Gambia being revenue collected but not deposited by Faisal Bojang who was working under him at the Gambian Embassy in France. He is further accused of intentionally failing to pursue the recovery of D1,134,000 stolen by Mr Faisal Bojang. Prosecutors also accused Badjie of neglecting his duty as the head of mission to pursue the police declaration that Mr Bojang’s signature was forged. He denied the charges.

His lawyer, Mr Lamin Camara had made a ‘no-case-to-answer’ submission last month that none of the prosecution’s witnesses had produced incriminating evidence to link his client to the allegations of the economic crimes he was charged with. This followed the announcement by state prosecutors that they had closed their case as they were satisfied with the evidences produced against the accused. 


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