Judge sentences sick ‘rapist’ to a fine


By Amadou Jadama

Magistrate Muhammed Krubally of the Brikama court on Friday convicted and sentenced Yerro Bah to a fine of 5000 dalasi in default to serve six months in prison. He also ordered him to pay D15, 000 dalasi to the victim for compensation in default to serve one year in prison, and the sentence term shall run concurrently, depending on whether the convict meets the court’s order or not.

The court also ordered that the prison officers should take the convict, who is confirmed to be a tuberculosis patient, to the hospital for treatment and ensuring that he does not transmit the disease to any other party.


Mr Bah’s conviction came after he was found guilty of raping a minor in Farato village. He was arraigned on Thursday and pleaded guilty instantly.
Narrating the facts,police prosecutor 4906 Bangura, said the victim who was passing by the Bah’s compound gate, was given D100 as a Salibo by Bah. “The convict further told the victim to go inside his house to bring him water to drink and while the minor proceeded to do so, the convict followed her in his room, closed the door and pushed her on his bed,” Bangura told the court.

The case supposed to come up on Monday at 1pm for appropriate sentencing but due to his health,it was done ahead of time.
“Upon our contact with the family of the convict, it was discovered that he has a contagious disease, TB, which may be transmitted to others in the event he is still kept in detention. So as the convict awaits sentencing, we deem it prudent and necessary to bring the accused before this court and crave the court’s indulgence to proceed with the sentencing expeditiously so that we and the court and any other associated with the case can be set free in terms of our minds,” the prosecution told the court.