By Lamin Cham

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice has said he is not aware of any conspiracy or sabotage to delay the presentation of the report of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission.

The report presentation was delayed twice.


Following the latest postponement last week, numerous allegations were thrown about suggesting that some members of the commission deliberately sat on work which delayed progress in the compilation of all the 18 volumes and by extension, the life of the commission.

“These saboteurs are interested in extending the life of the commission for as long as possible because of the fat salaries while the government too is not in any hurry to receive the report because of its political implications. So the delay fits the government just as it fits those insiders at the commission who intentionally delay their work,” alleged one source.

However, speaking to The Standard a few days ago, Justice Minister Dawda Jallow denied such a thing happened.

“I have never known anything like a conspiracy. That is totally false. The government is always ready to receive the report when it is completely ready. All what I know was that everything was put in place for the president to receive the report at 10am on September 30th. But on the eve of it, the TRRC confirmed that there are still some work left and we agreed that the whole report should be completed first.  The government is committed and ready to receive it when it is finished. So I am not aware of any conspiracy at all,” the minster stressed.

Also contacted, the spokesman of the TRRC, Essa Jallow said he could not say there was any conspiracy. ”I know, as has been already highlighted, there is still work on the rest of the volumes left but I am not in any position to say there was a conspiracy or sabotage,” Jallow told Kerr Fatou’s The Brunch last Saturday.