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By Omar Wally

Lamin Waa Juwara has accused Ousainou Darboe of being responsible for former president Yahya Jammeh’s overstay in power.
Waa, who has always been a thorn in the flesh of Darboe, made these remarks on Wednesday during an interview with The Standard.

Juwara said when they suggested to Darboe to unite as a force against Jammeh, he (Darboe) rejected it, which was why during his leadership as opposition they were not able to unite against Jammeh.
According to Juwara, when all political parties came together and Barrow became standard-bearer that was how Gambians have their liberty, adding that Darboe has to carry some blame for Jammeh’s staying in power for too long.

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“I once told Darboe if you have a long rope and I have a short rope; but your long rope could not get to the bottom of the well to draw water, if I tie mine to yours we will be able to have water so that we will not die of taste. Darboe couldn’t remove Jammeh as a party despite the fact that UDP is the biggest party,” he said.
Waa disclosed that Coalition leaders have gone to a stage where they have killed the coalition alliance, adding that political parties are going on their own to contest and that also came from Darboe.
Waa who opposed Jammeh but later joined APRC said the reason he did that was Jammeh betrayed his uncle Jawara and he also joined Jammeh to betray him.

“I served under Jammeh for six months and he sent me to jail, if he had not sent me to jail, I would have removed him from power. If Jammeh ever thought of me supporting him, he must be stupid,” he said.
Waa said he has forgiven Baba Jobe who broke his finger, but he will never forgive Yahya Jammeh.
“Jammeh stage a coup against democratically elected government and committed lots of crimes,” he said, adding he doesn’t think Jammeh deserves forgiveness.

Read the full transcripts of the interview on Bantaba column of the Friday edition.

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