Kandeh accuses Barrow of breaking Covid-19 rules


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Democratic Congress leader has accused President Adama Barrow of breaking the very regulations he put in place to bar public gathering.

Barrow spent the past few days laying project foundations in large gatherings across the country. Political opponents have jumped to the conclusion that the Gambian leader is taking advantage of the projects to cement his political grip.


“The GDC strongly condemns gathering of crowds currently being held by the president around the country. Barrow being the president who is responsible for defending all those health regulations mandated by the 1997 Constitution is the very one proud of breaking them without any remorse. It is ill-fated that he can put behind the numerous financial bailouts and expert advices our country has solicited both at home and international donors to risk another possible wave of the virus,” Mamma Kandeh said.

He continued: “The Barrow administration will have no legitimacy to further caution or punish anybody for violating Covid-19 regulations, which they do not adhere to as a government. It is high time Gambians realized that President Barrow does not respect the laws of The Gambia and lives by violating his own rules, therefore cannot deliver justice to the people. We condemn in totality, the president’s recent crowding activities during these difficult times of COVID-19.”

“GDC takes this opportunity to remind the Inspector General of Police that no one is above the law and respect for the law is a duty of citizens, moreover, rule for one should be rule for all. The police should stop all public gatherings that fail to heed to the current health regulations. It is the duty of the police to enforce the laws and that the police must do,” Kandeh added.