Kandeh appeals to banks, others to assist security forces with vehicles


By Saidou Baldeh

The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress leader has pleaded with banks and philanthropists to assist the country’s security forces with vehicles in order to execute their duties as he described President Adama Barrow as a failure.

Speaking to supporters on Monday, Mamma Kandeh urged security top officials to act against the rising crime in the country.


“I call on the ministers of interior, defence, the Inspector General of Police and director of intelligence to act. The reason I called on them is that our country has been destroyed. The country has no security. No Gambian is sleeping nowadays, there is no secure place. Crime rate is high in Gambia. Killing is high in Gambia. We’re seeing somethings that have never happened in Gambia. The reason I called out these people and not Adama Barrow is because I want to take Adama Barrow out of the picture completely because Adama has failed,” he said.

Kandeh urged Gambians to unite and rescue the country from President Barrow.

He described fighting against President Barrow as a Jihad which any genuine Gambian should endeavour to partake without any hesitation.