Kandeh expands base with APRC No to Alliance Movement

Kandeh expands base with APRC No to Alliance Movement


By Lamin Cham

Gambia Democratic Congress candidate, Mamma Kandeh yesterday rallied his new-found group of APRC No to Alliance Movement alongside his GDC supporters to form a huge convoy that escorted him to file his nomination papers at the IEC.  The group, loyal to former president Yahya Jammeh and led by Yaya Tamba, turned up in full force to join an already swelling GDC crowd.

Minutes after filing his nomination papers, he told journalists that he is seeking nomination as a GDC candidate in an alliance with a group which is not registered.


He was responding to questions about the state of his alliance with the splinter APRC No Alliance Movement loyal to former president Jammeh. Kandeh said the group comprises Gambians with all rights just like every other citizen.

Asked if victims should worry that his alliance with former president Jammeh’s APRC could mean that if he wins there would be no justice for them. He replied: “That is your feeling but I believe if I have to represent, I will represent everybody”.

Mr Kandeh said he would be ready to fight corruption if elected, accusing the current government of not doing much to fight graft.

“I have not seen anyone sacked by this government for corruption and there is corruption happening in the country,” he alleged. The GDC leader said everyone must make it a priority to reunite and reconcile the people of The Gambia because without that there could be no development. After filing his papers, Kandeh trooped out of the IEC complex to join a jubilant crowd of his GDC and newly-married APRC No to Alliance.

Dr Ceesay of CA

Meanwhile, the candidate for Citizens’ Alliance Dr Ismaila Ceesay has told journalists that the new alliance he signed with the APP and GMC has not yet completed the process of selecting a flag-bearer. Speaking just after filing his nomination papers, he explained: “Consultations are still going about the flagbearer of the alliance.”

Ceesay said this year’s election is about the welfare of the present and future generations.  He lamented the current poor state of government-run hospitals and health centers as well as the ineffective education system which fails to produce citizens with required skills to feed the labour market.

 Earlier, one Mamadi KS Camara filed his papers to run as an independent candidate.

The flagbearers of GANU, PDOIS, GAP and independent Tamsir Jasseh are expected to file their nominations today.