Independent aspirant wants to fence border with Senegal

Independent aspirant wants to fence border with Senegal


 By Lamin Cham

Momodou Bah, a master’s degree holder in African history and the last to file nominations at the IEC yesterday, has said if elected, he will fence the border with Senegal in the first 100 days of his government to stop the smuggling of drugs across the border.

Bah, who has been tagged Momodou Bah 2 by the IEC to differentiate him from another aspirant of the same name, continued: “I am going to work with Senegalese government to erect a long fence between Gambia and Senegal so that our young people can be saved from the drug traffickers. Our security cannot man the entire length of the border; they are doing their best combing the areas every day but they cannot be able to control the entire border. So we need to fence off the border”.


 Bah also said his objective is to put the welfare of youths at the forefront. “No party is talking about the plight of the youths and that would be my main focus”, he said.