Kandeh says NPP reduces provincial voters to beggars through inducement

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By Omar Bah

The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader has expressed disappointment over the ruling National Peoples’ Party (NPP) alleged use of public resources to induce voters across the country. Mamma Kandeh said the politics played by the ruling party clearly demonstrated that they are the losers in Saturday’s local government councillors’ election.

“I am disappointed with the government because they are supposed to respect our laws, especially the electoral laws but this government prides itself on violating our laws. They are quick to arrest and charge other Gambians especially their opponents but when it comes to them, they do whatever they want and nothing will come out of it. We have all seen the amount of inducement the NPP has implored in this local government election. They have reduced Gambians to mere beggars especially in the provinces,” Kandeh said in an audio message addressed to Gambians and his supporters.


He said the government has failed the Gambian people and is bent on destroying the country.

“I urge Gambians to reflect on the way the country is moving, and where it is heading – We should understand that this government is capitalising on the poverty and vulnerability of Gambians,” he said.

Kandeh alleged that there were instances where the NPP forced people to swear to the Holy Quran before they were given the money to vote for the party.

The Standard called a senior NPP official who said they are yet to see or hear Kandeh’s allegations and would only reply if and when it is necessary. ”But you can be sure that a defeated wrestler would always find excuses,” our NPP source said.