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Kandeh says only GDC can save Gambia

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By Tabora Bojang The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh, has said the vision for change that Gambians voted for in the 2016 landmark election in ousting Yahya Jammeh is still not attained, adding that the GDC is the only solution to bring about the required socio economic development to accelerate the country’s transformation. Addressing a large crowd of supporters at the GDC national congress in Basse, Kandeh added that politics is not about fighting or spreading allegations and accusations, but development and to transform the lives of citizens. “When Gambians went to the polls in 2016 they sent a very clear message on the need for a change in dynamism whether from Mamma Kandeh, Adama Barrow or Yahya Jammeh. That message was the need to be serious about empowering the masses, taking the concerns of citizens seriously, strengthening institutions that will promote good governance to solidify our young democracy, ensuring that all decisions are based on the interest of the masses, intensifying job creations and addressing irregular migration.” However according to Kandeh, two years since the change under Adama Barrow, The Gambia is yet to have a new constitution, while sections are amended to suit the interest of few people and not for the betterment of Gambian people. According to Kandeh who retains the GDC leadership mantle unopposed, The Gambia has gotten to a stage where it can no longer tolerate mediocrity, tribalism, bureaucracy, misuse of public funds and absolute control of majority by a few for selfish needs. He said the GDC is highly concerned about the human and social-economic development of the country in an effort to build a genuine democracy and to govern the country strictly on a two-term limit. “We are not power hungry but as citizens, we want to contribute our quota towards national development. There is no Gambian in the country that is not aware of the level of corruption this country. It is only GDC that can guaranty the country’s economic, political and social transformation,” the GDC leader told a cheering jubilant crowd. He alleged that hundreds of millions were misused on travels alone with ministers travelling left, right and center with no one knowing what they are doing. Kandeh added that the travel ban was introduced not because they wanted to cut expenditure but because they do not have the money. “This was why they have to pass the supplementary bill to the Assembly because they do not have the money again,” he said. He warned that people should not use politics to make appointments into public offices based on loyalty to the ruling party since serving the Gambia is not about party politics but competence, commitment and dedication. He further alleged that there are many challenges that ordinary Gambians are facing because of their party affiliations which he said is contrary to the change Gambians have been yearning for.]]>

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