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Rival NCP leader elected


By Omar Bah Barely four days after Majanko Samusa’s selection as leader of the National Convention Party, a rival splinter group of the party held their own congress and declared they are the bona fide NCP and called on Hon. Samusa to swallow his pride and join them. The congress which by far out-numbered that of Majanko’s faction, went ahead to elect Yaya Sanyang as leader and secretary general. Addressing the congress, which attracted delegates from across the country, Mr Sanyang reminded them that the NCP is going through rejuvenation. “I am ready to work for this party, because I come from a rural background and I have seen how my people were unjustly treated over the past years. I have concluded that what we need is the politics of justice and fair play and I am here for that,” he told delegates at the Friendship Hostel Saturday. He went on: “We have come back to live and I want to make it clear that leadership is about vision, and the ability to lead. NCP has never been short of that and we take all inspiration from our late founder and leader, Sheriff Mustapha Dibba.” He described Manjanko Samusa as someone he himself mentored who has now turned round to castigate him. “I was his polling agent when he stood for office at a time when not many people want to join politics. I spent my resources on him and he has never given me a butut but I respect that because it was my free choice,” Mr Sanyang recalled. Another speaker, Fatou Bangura, the NCP founder Sheriff Mustapha Dibba’s widow, who endorsed Yaya Sanyang’s election has strongly asserted that there cannot be two NCPs in the country, adding that if her late husband was alive such would have never happened. “If Majanko Samusa will listen I will call on him to swallow his pride and join the Yaya Sanyang camp,” Mrs Dibba Bangura said. Meanwhile, when contacted for their position on the apparently divided NCP, the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, Alieu Momarr Njai said they understand there are two camps in the NCP but they can only give their position after both have submitted their executive members. The full executive of the Sanyang faction of the NCP is as follows: Leader and Secretary general- Yaya Sanyang, deputy leader-Fatou Bangura, national chairman-Badara Sidibeh, national mobiliser-Kantong Gassama, senior administrative secretary-Karamo Kinteh, PRO-Buba Jadama, youth president-Yaya Barrow, women mobiliser-Mariama Jammeh, women PRO-Nyaranding Samateh, secretary general for women wing-Neneh Faal, Cashier-Lang Sally Jaiteh, auditor-Yaya Nyangado.]]>

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