Kandeh warns Gambians to reject vote-buying


By Amadou Jadama on tour

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress is the latest to add his voice to calls for Gambians to reject and expose politicians that are reportedly going round buying votes.

Addressing rallies at Ndungu-Kebbeh and Kissima Jaw, Mamma Kandeh said the December 4 election is crucial as it will decide if Gambians want a change or stay in the current bad state of affairs.


“Therefore, one must never sell one’s vote because both the seller and the buyer are criminals,” he said. Kandeh said those politicians going about inducing voters with money are not using their own money but the resources of the state.

”They are using our money to entice people to give them another mandate. Now it is left to Gambians to differentiate those who are working for the interest of the nation from those who came to enrich themselves from the state resources,” he said.

”The wishes of the people when they voted in 2016 for their government were to provide them services that would lift them from poverty. But since President Barrow took over, farmers have been selling their groundnuts at the lumos.  That alone is enough to teach Gambians about Barrow.”

Kandeh said the GDC has a track record of providing for the people well before and that experience will continue if the party is voted into office. A GDC government, Kandeh added, would not lie, induce or make empty promises. “We would serve the interest of all and not a few individuals,” he said. The GDC leader said politics is a noble profession but some people’s conduct makes it look bad.


The GDC leader then turned to address an unidentified former National Assembly Member, who he accused of spreading lies that Barrow had offered him [Kandeh] a position in his government but he refused.

“The same National Assembly Member said I, Mamma Kandeh, gave conditions to President Barrow that if he wants to work with me, he has to sack all his ministers, and appoint only Fulas. This is a fat lie and I condemn it and urge him to desist from it because I hate tribalism,” Kandeh said.  The GDC- APRC No Alliance Movement tour continued yesterday with courtesy call at Daru Rilwan, a meeting in Njonen and night stop at Farefenni.