Kandeh warns IEC over Barrow’s threats


By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has warned the Independent Electoral Commission to avoid anything similar to the mistakes of the past election cycle because the peace and stability of The Gambia lies in their hands. Mamma Kandeh further urged the IEC to tell President Barrow not to be using his campaign platform to threaten him.

The GDC leader made these comments while addressing a rushed rally in Jangjangbureh where he also complained that the time allocated to his entourage there was very limited. Kandeh complained that his rally was tightly packed in just two hours, 3pm to 5pm because President Barrow and his NPP were scheduled to spend a second night there. ”We should have been here since 11 or 12 midday, but we had to wait until President Barrow leaves after spending his first night here to avoid clashes and because we do not want violence,” he said.


He added that GDC as a party never violates the law and they will never do so. “Because they are citizens of this country and therefore, they will continue to respect the law.”

The GDC leader said the IEC should be bold enough to ensure that the schedules are respected by all parties as no individual citizen is better than others. “President Adama Barrow is nothing more than an ordinary citizen like us. Yesterday, President Barrow threatened me, and I trust the IEC should tell President Barrow that he has no right to be threatening me. I have that belief that they will do so”, Kandeh said.

“If any party does anything outside the regulations, that matter should be reported to the IEC and so Barrow should not stand on his political platform to threaten me.  Barrow knows that between me and him, he would not be brave to say that to me,” Kandeh told his supporters.

Kandeh further called on Gambians to vote wisely to eradicate the hardship faced by all Gambians.