Kansala independent candidate vows to save Foni from ‘pocket-serving’ NAMs


By Tabora Bojang

Nominated Foni Kansala independent candidate, Almameh Gibba, believed to be from the rival APRC faction, has told journalists that he and his group will take Foni from what he called NAMs who are serving their pockets. Speaking during his nomination yesterday, Gibba accused his opponent from the other faction, incumbent Musa Amul Nyassi and his colleagues of misrepresenting the area and ‘serving their pockets’ for the interest of President Barrow.

Gibba, a former lecturer and ITC trainer, further accused Amul Nyassi of using the recent shooting incident between the Senegalese Ecomig soldiers and MFDC for ‘political gains.’


“He [Amul] had a political motive and that is why he went and removed Fabakary Bojang who was captured and kidnapped by the Senegalese soldiers from his hotel without any medical check-up and returned him to their people naked.

That man Fabakary lost his belongings and over D40 000 cash which are still not seen.  Immediately I step from this IEC office, I am going to the hospital because Fabakary Bojang is on his sick bed and he cannot even talk nor does his function. I am going to see him to discuss and lay plans to make sure we address the injustice that our people are facing and I am ready for that. I will stand for that and I am ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of Foni and The Gambia at large,” Gibba said.

He claimed that Foni is not independent. “We are enslaved and our justice is ruined and our people are suffering day and night,” he said.

According to Gibba, these issues and many others like the continuous militarisation of Foni, the killing of Haruna Jatta, the shooting of Ismaila Tamba by the Senegalese soldiers and the recent shooting incident with MFDC are among the pressing concerns of his people which he would address immediately.

“This current NAMs have served their pockets and left the people of Foni alone. They have an agenda in the National Assembly and their motive is to support the current government. They went as a minority and we as a majority will come together and make sure we make a change for the betterment of our people.  It is high time the youths took over the narrative of this country and take over the National Assembly and make  it a parliament that will stand to address the aspirations of the people and not a rubber stamp one,” Gibba said.

According to him, the people of Foni have manifested that they don’t trust their NAMs.

“Foni will not be used and our people remain solid and we will stand for our independence as we have manifested during the December presidential election. We had over 6000 votes in Kansala and with all the parties they joined under the NPP coalition we contained them to only 1000 votes.”