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Kiang Joli helped with potable water

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By Juldeh Njie Kiang Joli village in LRR, has been assisted with a solar generated water borehole tank, putting an end to years of lack of potable water for the natives. The borehole, about 7 metres long, was funded at a tune of two hundred thousand dalasi. Speaking at the handing over ceremony in Kiang, philanthropist Marsha M Hall, who along with one Susan T Brough brought the project, explained that she was not an NGO worker, but engages in community-based projects, particularly water, to help locals. “When I came to Joli, I see the need to help them with water,” Ms Hall stated. Madam Hall said she will continue to support the people of Jouli as long as the donors are ready to assist her with funding. “We are not politically affiliated, we are not religiously affiliated, [either], we are just people who believe in Africa and the development of Africa.” She also explained how her first project in Essau Lower Basic School, where she built a 2,000 litre water tank pumping through the girl’s toilets, is helping students. She said: “The village has four taps so far and we are looking forward to two more. I hope they can continue to take care of it, because it is theirs. I will love to help other communities if need be”, Ms Hall pledged. Sarjo Yabo, head teacher, Jouli LBS, disclosed her school was faced with ‘lot of challenges’ as there was only one hand-pump in the entire village. She added because of this, students spend hours fetching water before classes start. “…But now that we have a tap for the school, students will come early, fetch water and go to their various classes.” Ms Yabo used the platform to call on other donors to go help her school with a solar lighting system “because the school used to be dark at night therefore students cannot study in the school.” Sainey Kuyateh, Alkalo of the village, said for decades the village was depending on only one hand pump for its survival and other basic necessities. He thanked the donors for their ‘kind gesture,’ and said: “We have a problem that is road network. We faced lot of challenges, even going to the hospital is a problem. President Barrow should give us a helping hand.” The NAM for Kiang West was also in attendance and like other speakers, he thanked the donors for the initiative. Fakebba Colley complained that “for far too long” his area has been “neglected” by government. He said: “Therefore, a philanthropist coming on board solving a decade-long problem is laudable.” Mariama Bajo, who spoke on behalf of the women, appealed for help with storage facilities for their products.]]>

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