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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

KMC imposes fines for stray animal owners, nuisance

By Mafugi Ceesay

Animal owners in KM will now pay a fine of D1000 if their animals are found straying in the streets. “A person shall not – cause any animal to graze in streets, highways, squares, avenues, or other public places without a written permit from the Council, or allow his or her animal to be roaming on the streets,” the KMC new by-laws stated.

It further states that any animal found roaming in the streets shall be impounded by the council which shall, within two weeks, issue a public notice about the impounded animal and if there is no claiming, the animal shall be auctioned and the proceeds paid to the council.

Henceforth, an owner of an impounded animal shall pay a fine not more than D1000 before the animal is released to him or her.



Another law, called the Nuisance Law, provides that in the event a family in a locality is bereaved, persons living within the same locality shall exercise the traditional practice of neighborliness and refrain from any activity that might cause a nuisance.

“Also, a person shall not between 2:00am and 4am play or use a loud musical system or a public address system, or use any industrial machine in residential area, which may cause nuisance,” the law stated.

It further states that a person who intends to play or use a loud musical system or a public address system, or use any industrial machine in a residential area after 2:00am shall obtain a written permit from the Council or the competent authority except for religious activities.

“A person shall not conduct any activity or business on highways which causes obstruction or nuisance to the road users without a written permit from the competent authority,” according to the nuisance law.


Maintenance of property law

According to this law, a compound owner in the KMC shall ensure that the periphery of his or her compound is kept clean by the inhabitants at all times; and maintain the pavement frontage of his or her property according to the specifications of the council and the Department of Physical Planning.

“A person shall not dump waste on undeveloped or unfenced property, or use undeveloped property for unauthorised activities,” it said, warning that

A person shall not remove any sand, stone, gravel rock or artificial protection from any beach, streets or a public place without a written permit from the competent authority.

In the same vein, a person shall not connect a private sewage pipe to a public drain without a written permit from the competent authority no dispose of waste products and hazardous products on the streets or unauthorised areas including drains or waterways and burning of any form of substance that is hazardous to humans or pose health repercussions.

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