Lessons from the Janneh Commission


Every evening, Gambians are glued to their radios or TVs to listen or watch the proceedings at the Janneh Commission. Gambians are shocked at the revelations of malfeasance that permeated the government in the past.


This brings to mind the need for a strong and proper financial regulatory mechanisms to ensure that this type of behavior does not take place any longer in this country. Gambians deserve better.


It also brings to the fore the need to have a permanent anti-corruption commission which will constantly keep watch over the financial dealings of government officials – and indeed all financial dealings in the country.


With this, the country will be saved from the malfeasance that takes place in many parts of Africa. Man is selfish! As long as man is not compelled by law – and by strong punitive measures, his individual greed will propel him to take wealth and put it for his personal use at the detriment of the nation.


It is said that people should learn from their mistakes and as such, we should learn from the mistakes that were made during the reign of the last two governments. In this way, we will build institutions which are strong enough to avoid a repeat to the old ways.