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Let National Assembly do an Imran Khan on Barrow

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Dear Editor,

I wasn’t confident that Coalition 2016 could defeat President Jammeh at the polls and it happened.  I gave up hope on the parliamentary election of Saturday 9th April 2022 but it looked another seemingly impossible result is possible.

The new parliament should just do to President Barrow what Pakistan parliament did to Prime Minister Imran Khan at the earliest opportunity and throw him out!

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Or are they going to say again that the constitution says that the president is elected to serve for five years in power? Lawyers from Sierra Leone!

The irony is that in Pakistan, the ousted prime minister is popular with the ordinary electorate but not with the army lately!

The Pakistani democracy vis-a-vis the army subjecting itself to the political will of the people and their elected leader is yet to be straightened out!

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Nevertheless, PM Khan has every opportunity to be re-elected back into his job if the powers that be didn’t delay the election unnecessarily.

Will be interesting to see what happens from now on!

The Pakistani supreme court did a superb job dismissing the dissolution of parliament by the president.

No one could dissolve parliament in a democracy, only parliament could dissolve itself in a democracy! And parliament must follow the democratic process properly and call for fresh elections. Parliament cannot elect the leader of the government and country for the people in a democracy. There has to be fresh elections!

We hope that Prime Minister Khan is not killed and the army does not impose its will on Pakistanis. Let democracy flourish and prevail!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Re: Profiles in Faith – Umar Bun Jeng

Dear Editor,

Umar Bun Jeng is the one who every one of us agreed was the best among us but only few adhere to what he preaches and teaches. His teachings are contemporary and one very important thing he taught me is when it comes to introducing yourself through telephone conversation or meeting physically don’t be the first person to reveal your woes or misfortunes for you don’t know what the other is going through. I cannot thank him enough for inculcating that wisdom in me. People should understand everyone has his mountain to climb. You may not know but sometimes you may reveal your misfortunes to someone expecting help while that person is in deeper trouble than you are. One day sitting in a corner with a friend hungry and weary, shivering in the blue winter, someone called and said to me, “What the hell are you doing not calling me all these long?” and person rang off. I laughed out so loudly that even my friend thought that I had received good news. My friend asked what it was? I replied by saying “Bun Jeng”. “Bun for what?” he asked. I said to him that we all agreed that he is the best but only few people adhere to what he preaches.

Bubacarr S Jawo


West Coast Region

Dear Editor,

It will be more interesting and important if The Standard can go to the home of Oustadh Umar Bun Jeng home in Gunjur and share with us the current situation, challenges the school students, staff and family have been facing since he passed away. Did the government or media outlets intervened? Only few good people are trying all their best to ensure that the legacy that he has left behind continues. Thank you!

Sulayman Bojang


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