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Letter To the Editor – Re: NAM says missing Gambians held in Dakar

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ear Editor,

I read your lead story of Wednesday 2nd February 2022 with great perturbation. If Senegalese forces can arrest a Gambian police officer and an alkalo, the head of a whole village, detain them not in The Gambia but in far away Dakar, the capital of Senegal, and our government is still mute, it says a lot about our sovereignty or lack of it. We have unofficially become a province in Senegal but I guess that is what the majority of Gambians have settled for by voting for Barrow and giving him a fresh mandate.

Lamin Sonko

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Dear Editor,

I am not the least surprise by this revelation. Of course the two Gambians are being held in Dakar because Dakar is the capital of Gambia of Adama Barrow.  Barrow is a governor not a president. Period.

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Klaus A Barry


Dear Editor,

This is a sign of an incompetent leadership. What a shame that Gambians can be arrested by a foreign force and taken to a foreign country for no reason and The Gambia government is telling us they are negotiating for their release. Chaii, Gambia, what a nation!

Buba Dibba


Dear Editor,

What a shame and betrayal that Gambian nationals can be arrested in The Gambia by a foreign force and taken to a foreign country for no reason and Gambian authorities are telling us they are negotiating for their release as if they did anything wrong in the first place.

Sanyang Ba

Batabut, Foni

The pathetic Gambian democracy: a one-man democracy

Dear Editor,

So, no one and no institutions of the state in The Gambia could do anything about the presence of the Senegalese troops in the country endangering our national security except President Barrow?  What kind of democracy is Gambian democracy?

Maybe we should ask Halifa Sallah and the goo-goo lawyers from Sierra Leone in which part of the constitution it’s written how the Gambian state would prevail on President Barrow and stop the Senegalese troops from endangering The Gambia’s national security!

What happened to the nonsense argument that parliament and the judiciary are co-equal institutions with the state to the executive?

The UDP could only put out a meaningless press release.

The National Assembly that has the all-encompassing political and legal powers to tell the government how The Gambia should be governed doesn’t have leadership and capacity!

The speaker of parliament has no democratic substance. Kebba K Barrow is the majority leader and I don’t know who’s the minority leader. The national parliament is hopeless just like the leadership of the UDP!

The Gambia effectively is a sitting target and only President Barrow has the political and legal powers to say what happens next!

That’s an unacceptable stranglehold for a democracy to find itself in!

The MFDC rebels have issued threats to attack the Senegalese troops in The Gambia should the rebels be attacked from The Gambia again.

Why won’t the Gambian parliament ask the government (President Barrow) what he is doing to stop and prevent a repeat of what happened last Monday in Foni through the defence minister? Oh! That’s not written in the constitution! The stupidity and ignorance of democratic politics in The Gambia is unbelievable!

The ignorant representation and interpretation of democratic politics in The Gambia will lead to avoidable political and security problems for Gambian people! One-man government democracy! Only the president determines how The Gambia is to governed. That’s pathetic!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


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