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Letters: My bonus/gift: Are you, your family, or country over investing in a dying career or industry?

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Dear editor,

I have some good news for those who believe in humanity and freedom, but bad news for those who overvalue money and control. I rather start with the good news, because the ‘bad news’ is not real it only affects those in fear, greed, and arrogance; plus refuse to grow. Unless cursed, Human beings will be able to reasonably fly within six months to five years, at an amazing cost of about one to two thousand dollars, then it will eventually drop to about one to two hundred dollars within few years. This literally means you should think, believe, seek, save, and invest in the right route to be among who benefit. It means speed and efficiency at a personal level, but it means earthly revival or pollution reduction to help even animals.

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Hybrid personal flying crafts/objects is set to essentially replace cars, boats, and even big chunk of commercialized aircrafts. A small fraction will use yachts and xyz for fun.. These personal aircrafts will be mainly electric (similar to drones), but it can have manual aspects that will involve physical movement for health, energy efficiency, and beyond. After few weeks training, The speed and altitude can be low and safe for about three months, then you should be able to be comfortable in the air for higher speeds license. Even thirty minutes of low speed flying is way more than two hours of driving, then you can charge or swap batteries at a battery station, which will largely replace gas stations. You should fight for least restrictions within country flights, but you will have to descend at country border points, do checking, and fly Inside a foreign country just like you now drive.

Let’s touch some of the ‘bad’ news, by reducing over 90 percent of cars, the multi billion dollar auto industry will literally die than covid 19 and pollution did to many. This means lot more than millions of useless new and used cars, it means oil demand will go super low, the need for man made roads will be obsolete by free air routes; those who build roads will have lot less contracts; those who buy stocks in the present transportation world will lose money they may value over freedom, etc. They can cry to death or bravely enter the new route or industries.

Briefly for skeptics, people do die, companies die, and even industries do gradually die. Purpose and efficiency is why mobile phones literally kill the once adored home plugged phones; email killed a big chunk of post office letter delivery and the jobs that died along, etc. My point is if you or your child is studying car mechanics and many things, s/he will have lot less prospects, but that knowledge can be used somewhere else, but time cannot be recovered, just utilized. So choose a career of the future, not the dying booming present. I love beautiful cars, but I prefer functionality over beauty. So I rather fly to the sunny beach than be stucked in an expensive looking car in traffic …

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More important or vivid than personal is country. Even poor Gambia is spending millions on roads, millions on bridges, millions on cars, etc we are literally investing on dying routes and worse not investing in the future. The u.s or xyz is investing lot more on infrastructure that will be useless, but they are at least investing on Research and development, and fooling us to invest on dying and less efficient routes to finance their R&D? They are taking your tax monies and loans to invest on the dying and refuse to invest on the evolving?

You believed in so called experts more than me when I claimed the war against Marijuana is unjust and will die, so how will you consult experts who dare not face me?

We need laws that will have mandatory research and development (R&D) allocation from government to company level, at least the companies with government contracts. At least ten percent with government and at least one percent for companies. Meaning, if the Gambia government is to spend ten million dollars on roads, then at least one million dollar will be reserved for transport related R&D. Now half of what is reserved must be achievement oriented reward, the other half can be partial grant, including matching funds grants. If I cannot convince government to help me build personal aircrafts that may make us billions in dollars, trillions in health, freedom, etc, then can they reward me and a company that successfully helps me?

Gigo construction, Torodo builders, and how many Gambian companies get multi million dollar government contracts with strings attached, but can we add a reasonable string? At least one percent of what Gigo construction got from xyz road project should be invested on R&D, or do you think only western companies should invest in R&D? Up to Half of the one percent can be verifiable internal R&D, but at least half should be outside the company to reduce corruption and maximize speed of discoveries. Registered Company xyz can write to Gigo construction that they are researching on building hemp roads instead of expensive basalt, so Gigo construction can directly give them one to five hundred thousand dollars for that research, or tell them we have given our R&D money to GTTI, feel free to apply there. Gigo construction may also give jarga kebba Gigo one to five hundred thousand dollars from that project to research on hemp road or personal aircraft building. Beside possible tax credit to companies that go beyond the minimal R&D required, if I make a personal aircraft that will kill the need for roads and contracts to Gigo construction and xyz, there can still be hope for Gigo construction in many new ways, including mandatory percentage sharing…

The achievement oriented funding of research and development is complex , but the best to speedy discoveries. Assembling a drone is not making a drone and should not be highly rewarded, but actually building and reducing the cost of even one needed component in a drone is an achievement that should be well rewarded than a drug squad that intercepted drugs that were bound for Europe; how much Europeans paid for that, or why should Gambians pay?

On periodic bases, you can do a thirty minutes presentation of your achievement to a committee, who will decide if you deserve reward or not, and another committee will decide how much, be able to raise or reduce the recommendations up to fifty percent; and we can even add court like contrasting short arguments why you should be paid more or less, including as investment or fraudulent claim that cannot be patented to make us more in future industries…

Before God revealed iqra (learn) about 1400 years ago, some people were varyingly learning, as there is a verse that praised ‘Christians as lovers of knowledge ‘. So how long should we claim only western states should invest on R&D, African states should consume R&D; Only western companies should regularly invest and donate to R&D, African companies should donate to mosques , churches, and religious looking persons; Only western individuals should donate, research, or predict the future; but I am one African who spoke before countless western individuals, companies, and states that marijuana must be legalized worldwide. I am equally willing to research and realize the future, including building personal aircrafts for fun and money. We will humbly learn from others, but I did think and thinking lot more now, with the help of the lord of the universe.


Jarga Kebba Jigo

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