Letters: My bonus/gift: Team hypocrites:


Dear editor,

We have successfully allowed those who want to be women to beat women in and beyond sports, and up to Olympics level. You can be a transgender, alcoholic, adulterous intern ‘abuser’, etc just do not be a Marijuana user?


The lowest men can beat the ‘best’ women in almost everything and we should continue to lie that men and women are equal in power or choice? Well, many women are running 100 meters in about 11 seconds and millions of men need at least 33 seconds. So if you are truly strong like LeBron James, then go beat men until the worst of whites wish, joke, or imagine you want to be a woman; if you are weak like Trump, then wish for Clinton/Biden to become a bisexual and Secretary Pete Buttigeg to do a blow job for Biden or tell Kamala Harris why she may be very difficult to sexually satisfy. Or reduce the task, Ask Secretary Pete does he and men who claim to be women do sweet sexual noice and for how long and level of authenticity? The only or foremost game women can possibly beat men is sex, and may we always be the men who beat women even in sex. Beat them not to cry, but to give them so much joy and gauge their gratitude. Then keep them or leave them justly and search until you find a grateful one. It is the ungrateful women in politics who allow transgender to steal the just or unjust favors we long bestowed to women. If you a poor sinner, can you just claim I think I am a woman, I should be allowed to beat women in soccer and get a scholarship; the millions of female only loans/grants should go to transgender and Pete Buttigeg, not me and Obama. If Ms. CLINTON gender propaganda politics exist, Biden should hire a male gay minister or is a female gay preferred among devils? The devil has chosen woman over man, even in LGBTQ, so God must show us he does not hate men in more vivid ways. The oppression against men and even women who love men must stop immediately, or may God curse those who think men should suffer for sex or anything. Hetrosexual Sex should be free and happily free. May God rescue those paying for sex and eliminate or drastically reduce prostitution with the legalization of marijuana or any means. I still believe prostitution should be legal, especially where Secretary ‘Pete Buttigeg’ can be an attorney General and send an LGBTQ officer to arrest a mistaken or desperate man over paying for sex or marijuana?

Alcohol is legal, cigarette and many ills are legal, but are you and I taking them? Similarly, when prostitution is legal, it will not mean fifteen percent of men will prefer prostitutes, or ten percent of women will become prostitutes. Through regulations we can make it so cheap that most money worshiping women will prefer to work harder than prostitution. We can educate the women to learn to give free sex and happily; women have been enjoying free sex for millions of years, while a fraction of men enjoyed truly free sex or love. Should we have a ministry of sex was a question? But the women worshipping politicians said it should be called ‘ministry of women affairs’ for votes, and allow a bisexual female or men who identify as women equal opportunity to lead the ministry, except in women worshipping Africa?

The devil in culture preferred women and thought FGM will help women control sexual desires and thereby force men to beg and pay for sex.

The devil in Religion claims or admits men are sexually weaker, but failed to protect the weak men with the kind of higher education marijuana give to men…

The devil in government explicitly says women are preferred, even men who want to be woman are to have privileges over heterosexual men.

Father ‘forgive’ me for loving women still, but hating women is not an option; I pledge to be to truthful to women and be kind to myself, not just to woman, and certainly not to transgender woman over my precious self or niece. By the way, I do not believe in jailing or killing LGBTQ, but in educating them and having patience with them until the Lord who create us all judge us beyond sex. How many heterosexual adulterous and corrupt African ministers/Secretary of xyz Think God judges only sex? Or sex and sexual preference is not a choice, means will not be judged? May God give us great heterosexual love and loving in and/or outside marijuana.

Kebba Jarga Gigo