Letters: NPP-APRC alliance


Dear editor,

The APRC executive are not just laughing. They are also dancing all the way to the bank. Their negotiations with Barrow on the alliance between NPP and APRC centred on the here and now, not anytime in the future.


It was about how much Barrow paid them, and pundits believe this sum to be colossal. Fatou Jaw Manneh, who recently jumped out of Barrow’s sinking ship, described the APRC executive as ‘shrewd negotiators’. They knew Barrow is a betrayer.

It’s written in his DNA and shown on his face. Therefore, they would make sure that whatever they may get out of the alliance is already reflected in their bank balances before any document is signed. And the APRC rank and file knew the shady and the self-serving motives behind the arrangement, reflecting in the angry reactions to their party’s alliance with Barrow.

The executive is aware that the promises of ministerial positions and other jobs, plus other terms, are not worth the paper they are written on. No wonder they decided not even to make it public. Barrow was probably not paying attention to the terms of the agreement, never mind hoping to remember anything therein.

The man, said to be suffering from ‘politrick alzheimer’s’, a rare form of dementia, couldn’t recall the date and venue, or participants, of the 2016 coalition agreement. They are also cognisant of the fact that Barrow’s popularity rating has gone down the drain and has almost zero percent chance of returning to office in the Gambia. The pictures tell the full story. While Barrow returns from his tour of the country disappointed and looking pensively at a bleak future, the APRC executive are celebrating in their private hideout.

 Dodou Jawneh