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Letters: OJ and TRRC

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Mr editor,

Former PPP Minister Omar A. Jallow’s submission and assessment before the TRRC manifests lack of real acumen and rectitude of some intellectuals and professionals in post independence Africa.The civil society anticipate the TRRC to reflect on testimonies, analyse relevant information and report on investigations. O.J. Jallow’s opinion should not be construed as an aversion to others but as a victim of misplaced confidence; set to divulge facts for an authorized arbiter to winnow.

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We Gambians in 1994 were spectators and bystanders to the unfolding events leading to the aberrant usurpation of political power by junior officers against military code of ethics and anti-constitutional conspiracy theories.
Some senior security officers have testified indicating strong disapproval of the sudden and speedily plotted attempt to overthrow the democratic govt.
The foist of a junta on the majority civil society breaches their fundamental human rights and freedoms. In a court of law “sub judice” is prohibited; let’s give the commission chance to prevail upon us towards reconciliation and forgiveness.

Karamo Sanneh


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