Letters: Re: BB says politicians’ lack of ideas causing toxic climate


Dear editor,

One could not have said it better. The GFA leader and Secretary General H. E.B B Dabo raised a pertinent issue regarding the current ugly state of affairs of politics in The Gambia. His succinct and rational analysis of the mediocrity level of trading characterised by insults, engaging in character assasination, abusive language, hate speech, divisive rhetoric compounded by amplified by negative vices/verbage only serve to sow discord thereby harming our political pluralism as expected in a vibrant democracy. If this alarming and peculiar situation is left unchecked and not addressed, The Gambia’s path to rebuilding democracy after many years of languishing under dictatorship could be seriously hampered. There would be a dear price to pay if the nation’s political class fail to rise up to the challenge to put up a stop to this accelerated decline of normal exercise of civility in our political discourse enriched by respectful debates, exchange of ideas, views and information for the uplifting of The Gambia from the shackles of poverty, ignorance and vice. Fortifying our institutions in order to combat corruption, nepotism, incompetence and wastage must take center stage in all our aspirations and work towards salvaging the nation in order to usher in a new era for socio economic development and material advancement for the benefit of all Gambians and not just for the few. That goal can be achieved but it would require fellow Gambians to come out in their large numbers and render their maximum support by massively rendering their vote to The GFA to make H.E. B B Dabo the next President of The Republic of The Gambia. Yes we can be resolved now to make 4th December 2021 a memorable day by making our dream come true.


Momodou Lamin Cassy Gaye

Dear editor,

Gambia needs the knowledge, experience, personality and tested competent leadership of a patriot like His Excellency Bakary Bunja Dabo .Political affiliation and sentiments aside, the man is simply the best choice – simply put- if we are concerned with the well- being and prosperity of our beloved country, not to mention the dire need to restore democracy and build the robust state institutions that will safeguard and nurture good governance and development! Compare this man to some of the half-baked semi- literates who don’t even seem to understand the concepts of parliamentary democracy and why we need to have a true and working multiparty system ! For the Gambia ever true! Let’s take back our nation and put it on a sounder footing now, before it’s too late!

Dodou Touray