Letters to the Editor


Re: On the police voter cards attestation story

Dear Editor,

It’s good to admit your error. To err is human. But we all have responsibilities as a good citizens to make this country better. The most crucial part of that responsibility lies on you the media, especially a prominent one like The Standard newspaper. Journalism is never a crime, but professional journalism is under serious threat in this country.


Ebrahim Sambaxeh


Dear Editor,

The integrity of The Standard newspaper remains in tact and your standards as a tabloid are unmatched in The Gambia. Admitting and correcting one’s mistake is noble. Keep up the good work.

Pa Kalifa Sanyang


Dear Editor,

?t was quite an unfortunate publication. Many of us see The Standard newspaper as the most accurate and transparent newspaper in the country. Publishing such unfounded information will only diminish your credibility and your reputation in the eyes of your readers. Nonetheless we applaud you for your unreserved apology. It is very commendable and encouraging. For the Gambia our homeland.

Alasan Camara

Dear Editor,

It is very sad in this country that most of our journalists are partisan and they do nothing to hide it. They are always defaming people and writing fake stories. To the editor of The Standard, we appreciate your courage to come out and make an open apology.

Omar Dk Bah

Yallal, North Bank Region

Dear Editor,

It is commendable that you guys are trying to be fair, balance and neutral. And you are bold and brave to point the finger where it should be pointed always. But truly speaking, most media houses in The Gambia seem to be partial in their   treatment of information.

Babucarr Sadikh Bah

Kololi, Kanifing Municipality

Dear Editor,

The Standard newspaper, next time be careful with what you are informing the public. This is very serious as it can tantamount to a very disastrous catastrophe in our country. So this is a learning point for the reporter Mafugi Ceesay and the rest of the journalism fraternity in The Gambia.

Alpha Joof

Teacher, MoBSE

Dear Editor,

With The Standard newspaper I am always informed about what is happening in that country, since many other newspapers have stopped regularly publishing news articles online on time. Making a mistake is part of life. It has happened, we have to accept and move on. I feel a little bit sad about the removal of the young man from the job because of this incident. He should have been given another chance, I guess.

Gilanko Jammeh

Dear Editor,

In dictatorships, the media is controlled by the state. In democracies, the media is controlled by wealthy individuals with political affiliations. Objective media and journalists simply do not exist in The Gambia. You have always been showing us your party colour in your headings, reports and articles.

Bubacarr BK Colley

Jambangjelly, West Coast Region

Dear Editor,

Reporters like Mafugi Ceesay are UDP join-the-lists. They are journalists who lie in favour of a political party. When the UDP join-the-list published this blatant lie, it was the UDP supporters who were carrying the lies from one place to another.

Mark Patience


Dear Editor,

I believe throwing the reporter Mafugi Ceesay under the bus just like that was a harsh sacrifice. He could have been rectified without putting his career on the line, in my view. The Standard is undoubtedly one of the best papers. In order to ensure quality control, please continue training your staff more, and frequently.

Saikou Jeng