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Letters: The lesson that Darboe must learn

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Dear editor,

Most of us are rooting for the UDP to form the next government of The Gambia.
But Darboe must realize that the same people cannot be the only people occupying very senior positions in our every government.

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Quite a number of very senior public officials in the Barrow government have been working in successive Gambia governments since Jawara’s time.
It’s hard to tell why these are still employed in very senior positions in government.
The Barrow government has now been taken over by the Jammeh boys in collaboration with the rumps from the Jawara era.
The same people under whose watch The Gambia has not made any admirable national development.

The Gambia looks like a country in the 1960s.
Nothing to be proud of.
Darboe must realize that The Gambia will need refresh start when this useless Barrow government is removed from power.

And most of the people working in senior public posts in this government must be made go together with their president including the ambassadors.
We are sick and tired of the same people from the same families treating our government like their milking cow- father, mother, sister, brother, in-laws, nieces and nephews.
We must get rid of that corrosive and harrowing kleptocracy at the top of the Gambian state.

We don’t need the baggage of corruption, nepotism and incompetence carried forward into our next government- A revolving door for parasites moving from one senior government job to the other and never making any difference whatsoever.
The next government of The Gambia doesn’t need the experience of crooks and the self serving.

The Barrow government has been taken over by the Chief Protocol Officer, his best friend The Foreign Minister and The Attorney General.
The Gambia is being run by unelected people who have no understanding of anything and that’s why the country is plunging into the abyss.
The president is a complete dull ball whose only interest is to make money for himself.
The Barrow government has turned into a cesspool of corruption, nepotism and incompetence.

President Barrow will soon overtake Jammeh as the most corrupt Gambian President.
He sure is the most useless Gambian President.
Lawyer Darboe must realize that the next government of The Gambia cannot be made up of the same officials from the last government.

Especially senior public officials who have been a waste of space in public life since the time of Jawara, Jammeh and Barrow.
The next government of The Gambia must be made up of fresh pairs of hands but not the same flies who have been flying around the same carcass since without any positive results for the people.

It’s very disheartening to see the same people in the same public jobs for more than a generation and not making any difference to the lives of the ordinary Gambians.
Cabinet ministers, ambassadors and other political appointments, senior civil servants who cannot even walk properly much more think properly just have to make way for a new administration with a new agenda.

We don’t need their experience of incompetence, corruption and cronyism.
These are public jobs and they are not jobs for life.
The same people sometimes from the same families and social circles can’t continue to be a permanent fixture in our government.
And Darboe must realize that fact.
There are many capable Gambians who are competent enough to lead in government and give our country the fresh start it deserves.
We’ll never make any national economic development progress until we throw out from government these fleas who have been sucking every drop of blood of the ordinary Gambians since the Jawara days.

Yusupha Bojang

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