Letters: The need to reward truth revealing folks.


Dear editor,

As you may or may not know, the u.s just declared ‘state of emergency’ over the possible leaking of truthful information regarding oil pipelines that may have global effects, including climate change effects and information. Some money and/or truth loving folks are asking money (ransom) to avoid revealing the truth , but what amount of money can we give them to reveal it and know how Trump, Obama, Biden, or xyz may be worse than many imagine?

Ideally, we wish they understand the truthful Lord can reward them more, but the truthful Lord did not forbid us to reward such more than others who give us less than truth. It is far from being anti u.s or any country , but more about being pro truth and understanding truth is our best friend. A Russian, Chinese, or Iranian Billionaire should give Snowden one million dollars and offer similar to the pipeline hackers and future essential truth revealers; that a committee will decide if they get hundred thousand to million dollars as grateful compensation depending on the amount of lies and cruelty it exposes or will prevent. Similarly, a u.s or Saudi Billionaire can offer million dollars to essential leaks regarding Iran, Russia, China, etc?


Imagine a huge leak that will shed light on Chinese treatment of uyghurs, saudi treatment of countless ‘Jamal’ the journalists or activists, Russian maltreating of citizens, etc for one million dollars versus wars and questionable sanctions?

These leaks can prevent wars, raise human right records, and countless benefits; but some cowards think truth can be more dangerous than lies and cruelty of their favorite countries? Once we can convince one billionaire to join us, other Billionaires in other countries may return the favor.

Beside Billionaires, couple of reputable activists can spearhead continuous crowd funding for such leaks to be encouraged with reasonable reward. Just ten to fifty million truth loving people ready to contribute ten dollars a year can raise how much money and move this world closer to truth, which automatically leads to closer to Kindness or God. The ideas through the mind of a blessed marijuana guy is like a seed that God should complete for mass uplifting and blessed the mediums of great ideas.

Jarga Kebba Jigo