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Letters: The president loquacious advisers are dumped by the NPP

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Dear editor,

The incapability of the officious advisers who are most often than not expressing adulatory language to President Barrow is finally exposed.

The so-called political elites serving as advisers to President Barrow should now remain mute as they are not considered first, second, or third choice in the NPP’s national executive members. Or could it be that they will contest in forthcoming parliamentary election?

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It would surprise one to know that these are the so-called advisers claiming to be in charge of the political directives of the President. Or could it be that they are battling to occupy the position of the deputy party leader?

One may be baffling the advisers politically, as politicians who recently joined the NPP are prioritized and given positions in the executive while Dou and the Co. are not. Or could it be that they sacrificed their positions to maintain the new members in the party?

The failure to accommodate adviser Dou Sanno and his compatriots in the recently structured executive in the party is a clear manifestation of their inability to mand executive positions in the party. Or could it be that they will be overseeing the executive?

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Dou and his acquaintance should challenge the selection of the executive and prove the public wrong by handling positions in the executive. Or could it be that they want to quit the party for good?

The calamity within the NPP could lead to fragmentation among members.

Hon. Omar Ceesay

Niamina East MP

The NPP interim executive unveiling- 5 takeaways

1.The wait is over

After the ‘will they and wont they name their people’ questions, President Barrow’s NPP finally dropped the names of its interim executive. Until the unveiling of the over 20-member team, talks abounded that there were fears that making the choices known could spell disunity for a party that is a relatively new entrant in the arena, despite its supremo no longer a novice in the business.

2.Team sheet out but some stellar names are missing

Like some major tournament set to start, the omission of certain high-profile names always causes a media circus. In the case of the NPP interim executive, the absence of one Ahmad Gitteh has raised a lot of questions from not just followers of the Canada-based party bulwark but many commentators as well . And like most players would do in such a circumstance, Gitteh himself responded to critics that it was all about the team and not him. But here is a man who has taken a lot of punches on behalf of the NPP. What’s up Ndo Gitteh? I hope all is well?

3.Lamin Queen Jammeh – remember him?

Is there a queen who doesn’t love a king? The one-time NBR governor and chief of Upper Niumi alongside the late Paramount Chief Demba Sanyang were known for leading the charge to have ex-president Yahya Jammeh enthroned as King. To my Niumi kinsman, please do not try any such attempt with Barrow. That will be a cardinal sin. One thing though, in Queen, the media can certainly brace up for some bombastics and rhetorically inflated lines.

4. Where does this leave the Dou Sannos?

The explanation is that by virtue of their advisory role to the presidency, the likes of Sanno et al cannot take up any executive position within a political party – in this case NPP. But if the reason is that they are paid from the public coffers, how about Dembo By Force who occupies a seat at both ends of the table?

5. Politics and strange bed fellows

Who would have thought it? But at the heart of the NPP interim executive is a former APRC minister as well as familiar faces ones synonymous with the UDP. In other words, bar a few individuals, most of the names on the list aren’t any new to Gambia’s political landscape. Whatever adjective you may want to ascribe to our politics, the word INTERESTING is one you can’t surely take away. December, where art thou?

It’s a wrap!

Famara Fofana

Ankara, Turkey  

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