Letters: The uneducated


Dear editor,

My concern is not so much those that many of us call uneducated or ignorant, the concern for me is those of us that claim to be educated because we “bagged degrees from universities.”


Those we consider uneducated have a mind that revolves around how to address their daily challenges. They have knowledge. Those of who us who are educated have minds that revolve around how to exploit our own people for our personal benefit. And we call that education. Those we consider uneducated manufacture tools, manage projects communally, manage their own affairs and take care of their families. Their’s is by no means perfect and could use a lot of improvements, but their foundation is solid and based on their value system. How many of us educated ones can point to a single item we manufactured that is benefitting our community?

Now come to the miseducated ones like myself.

Not only do we erroneously think we are more knowledgeable because we have a degree, many of us thumb our nose at those we consider uneducated simply because they don’t have a degree or can’t read or write in colonial script.

Now there is nothing more uneducated than equating degrees with knowledge. The knowledge to advance our our communities; you know, like those blacksmiths that manufacture farming tools. They have knowledge that benefits their whole community. How has your degree benefitted your community?

Please don’t tell me about conferences you attended that ended up in the World Bank approving a loan to build some hospital because I will report you.

 Alagie-Saidy Barrow