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Letters to the Editor

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OJ doesn’t get it

Dear editor,

Asked about his views on the NPP APRC coalition & the return of Yahya Jammeh, Omar Jallow (OJ) made clear he’ll negotiate with the devil to bring peace to Gambia. Well, I got news for him. He isn’t alone in the position. There is no Gambian who wouldn’t do that too. I need to put it to him that it’s not necessarily about Yahya Jammeh coming back or not. We already have known murderers walking the streets and enjoying total freedom. Rather, the issue is first & foremost about Jammeh’s return without accountability. Second, this two party negotiation that will culminate not only in Jammeh’s return, but also of the return of assets he plundered from Gambia. Third is the fact that a national issue as significant as this, is left to two political parties to negotiate away. Fourth, this scandalous nature of this particular issue, has absolutely nothing to do with Gambia as a country. It’s all about Barrow’s desire to stay in power. It’s for his personal, rather than the national interest.

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Mathew Jallow


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Justifying the embrace of

unrepentant APRC members

Dear editor,

There is no political party that has “no people” in it. Political parties are nothing without people who support, promote and defend the party. If you take all the people out of the political party, it will die. The party survives even if it only has two known members/people in it. That’s why Henry Gomez still claims to be a political party leader. We know that at least, it’s him and his wife, the deputy. To his credit, we cannot fault him for continuing the ideals and hallmark of “gender parity” in The Gambia; man, boss and woman deputy. But I digressed.

If you take the party away, the people shall live on to find other parties. The people can survive without the political party but no political party can survive without the people, even if it’s just a husband and a wife team. So, it is semantics at best, and hairsplitting at worst, to Gambsplain that you abhor the APRC as an institution, but somehow, you have no issues embracing the people that make it an institution. The institution is nothing without those same people! Hello…

And because I’m in a giving mood today, I’ll share something for free:

Here’s a clue about those who still have one foot in APRC but either pretend to be neutral or are cavorting with other political parties: You’ll see them criticize Barrow but hardly ever hear or see them criticize APRC or Yaya Jammeh. Trust such people at your own peril.

Oh, but how I wish I could share some of the audios and meeting notes I have! Acha rek, asikoy ferr! No one can hide behind time, it will inevitably expose you.

Alagie Saidy- Barrow


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