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Letters to the Editor

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My bonus/gift: Two devils, different hows,

gauge their levels, and reject both?

MILITARY WAR. The over 20 years war on Afghanistan, both Biden and Trump wants to surrender, but Trump claims he had a better withdrawal plan the Americans deny him…(same what, different how).

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JUDICIAL WAR: The about 100 years light war and over 40 years of intensive war on men and blacks through Marijuana, both biden and Trump want to continue the war to the longest, because the victims won’t fight hard like the Afghans?

ECONOMICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR: The over 50 years war on Cuba, both Biden and Trump wants to continue the economical war to the longest possible time…

Beside the differences in duration, the Afghan war is said to cost about two trillion dollars within these 20 years, but most of that money really went to Americans, some Americans profited economically over other Americans who may or may not support the war. So, some partial victims exist, but economically profitable in the short term. However, because of the caring of wounded soldiers it can continue to cost billions of dollars within 80 years.

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Unborn Americans will happily or sadly pay, or create a war to pay for it? The intensive 40 years war on Marijuana cost about one trillion dollars. Again, most of it went to Americans, especially those with private prisons. Again, some Americans economically benefitting against other Americans who pay taxes or suffered worse. HOW much the Afghan lost in monies and who benefited in Afghanistan or somewhere else? How much billions did people pay in Marijuana fines, Marijuana property seizures, etc, and who benefited will hate us to defeat Biden or America on its longest war against nature, mercy, blacks, men, sex, children, etc?

The war on Cuba cost Cuba money in Tourism than any sector, so Americans can defy it and use the Supreme courts. It cost Americans health and happiness, Cuba has the sunlight and others at a cost lower than Jamaica and other countries Americans frequent.

The human lives can only be judged by God as to who are the losers. We can easily claim more Afghans died than Russians and who won that war? More Afghans died than Americans and who won the war? More blacks and men died than police folks over Marijuana war, and who are the freeing group versus the resisting of freedom group?

So, when u.s politicians claim defeat, sometimes they are either trying to tame their victims or referring to the future? I pity the Americans and others who encourage these stupid and cruel wars, often based on lies and to appeal on the cowardly Americans….

Afghans have defeated or at least resisted two world ‘ super powers’, but black people are yet to learn the importance of resisting devils. Sporadic resisting of slavery existed, but was far from enough and that was it took centuries, instead of decades. Gauge apartheid, gauge war on marijuana, etc. Too many black people only protest for money or when cornered. Try to be the best of blacks+ or the people of the snow and desert will lure you with money or illusory respect in Religion. God showers his blessings upon us anytime we resist evil and devils. Blessed be the blacks, whites, and others who continue to fight for freedom until no human soul dictates the life of another. Sad that the Afghans did not have a good track record of freedom, but let the people know that even the Afghans will legalize Marijuana and God will free whom he wills. Even opium seems to be better than alcohol, or how can you explain poorly equipped Afghans defeating alcohol drinking U.S soldiers? Or maybe Afghans girls have better sex than Americans and black women? Not just who cook better with equal kitchen tools and training. Ahh, Marijuana makes cooking and even cleaning so easy, we will reduce divorce, or at least not over house chores…

OADN: may the millions of edible trees we see be planted within a year in the Gambia, and lead to billions or trillions of edible trees in Africa. May we triumph, even here on earth and beyond.

Jarga Kebba Jigo

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