Letters to the Editor : Re: Jammeh says he will return to Gambia


Dear Editor,

Former president Yahya Jammeh is worse than all the global pandemics and epidemics combined! He holds the record for committing the highest number of killings, human sacrifices, tortures, disappearances, illegal arrests and detentions, you name it! He wants to come back, let him! A five-star hotel is waiting for him! Even if he dies in exile, his corpse will be buried in prison.

Alieu Bah



Dear Editor,

Yahya Jammeh will never return to The Gambia. That will never happen.  If his hands are clean like a newly born baby yes, he can come back, but his hands are dirty with the blood of Gambians and therefore he cannot come back. He is just fooling himself.

Fabakary Ceesay


Dear Editor,

Yahya jammeh doesn’t need to announce his coming, please let him come. He couldn’t come and accompany his mother’s body for her funeral. Please let him come, Mile 2 Prison is waiting for him. The Ghana prison service is also waiting for him. The International Criminal Court at The Hague is waiting for him. Please Jammeh, you are most welcome to sweet home, sweet Gambia.

Gilbert Jassey


Dear Editor,

The announcement by Yahya Jammeh that he will be returning to The Gambia is a welcome development. That would be very fine indeed and timely since the report of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission has just been handed over to President Barrow. Jammeh is most welcome and we are waiting.

Saihou Omar Cham


The next government of The Gambia has to be different

Dear Editor,

I find it amazing that senior citizens in The Gambia don’t seem to have the basic grasp of democratic politics and economics.  Some of these people have spent all their lives in politics and public life yet don’t seem to understand much about democratic politics, economics and international politics.

How could we turn around the political and economic development fortunes of The Gambia when people who are asking us to entrust them with the political leadership of the country are not familiar with the concept of democratic politics, the capitalist economic development fundamentals and the lay of international politics?

People having the wrong qualifications, knowhow and capacity cannot turn around the political and economic fortunes of The Gambia- colonial education and mindset and semi literates cannot lead The Gambia into national economic development and political stability.

Lots of old and ragged politicians and former senior civil servants are coming out “endorsing” the UDP, we need votes for the UDP to win the next presidential election.

But a UDP government cannot be stuffed with colonial minded old farts who have no recognition of the contemporary world of politics, economic and international finance that we’re living in.

Capacity and competence are the necessary requirements needed to propel The Gambia into the status and qualities of a developed modern state.

And I hope that colonial educated and mindset Gambians endorsing the UDP will not translate into hiring room temperature level IQ doughnuts into the government!

The Gambia will continue to limp on and struggle to become a developed country hiring semi literates and below average cabinet ministers and directors of public institutions.

The position of the president, finance minister and foreign affairs are of the utmost importance and must be filled by people with the capacity and competence!

We’ve got lots of problems in The Gambia trying to develop the country and improve the living standards of the people.

But capacity and competence are the two standout problems afflicting The Gambia’s national development and the economic prosperity of the people.

Senior government officials in The Gambia in charge of policy, strategy and the management of public finances and the national economy don’t enthuse the capacity and competency required to transform Gambian politics and economics.

And loading the next government of The Gambia with people stuffed in voodoo economic ideas, bad democratic political governance understanding and zero capacity in international politics and finance will only produce the same results- more poverty, political instability and more banana republic standards.

It’s not at all that promising looking at the prospects of sound democratic politics and national economic development for The Gambia from the calibre of politicians and the kind of rubbish they talk about!

And more misinformed and miseducated liabilities are coming out of the woods.

The Gambia has had enough of the colonial and bad education political and economic development leadership standards. The next government of The Gambia has to be different!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang