Letters to the Editor


Re: I am pro-LGBT. Am I as normal?

Dear editor,

Remember the Gambian societies are divided into two main religious divides which is Islam and Christianity and of which, both faiths dis-allowed the practice of LGBT marriages. This is uncalled for, it’s disgusting, even in animal kingdoms where there is no prevalence of 5 common sense does not involve in such a disgusting and barbaric act talk less of decent human society in which, our lives and ways of lives are grounded on religion, morals, ethics etc.


And what baffles me is that, each time people stand up to condemn LGTB marriages, its affiliates come up with the ideas that, they have rights and mustn’t be marginalized and picked-on… and above all, they feel anti LGBT are infringing on their right by talking about them. Very well then, but the LGBT need to know and realize for them too to think and protest on how anti LGBT air out their disapproval and discontentment of their right, is also a violation of the rights of anti LGBT people.

So anti LGBT reserved every right to condemn it in their societies. So who is right and wrong here? What is unethical, immoral, indecent, even in Animal kingdom mustn’t be accepted in a decent human societies. Africans need to wake up and realize we are totally distant with the Western world in terms of our social norms, morals and values regardless of the so-called democratic norms and values embedded in the Universal Human Rights domain in so many aspects of our lives.

I expect you to know this as a good politician. The West are trying to make Africans sign this rubbish into laws so that, those African migrants who seek asylums via LGBT can be deported back home once African countries approve that they can practice LGBT. The West aren’t doing this because they want LGBT people’s freedom, but they are tired of the number of undocumented migrants getting in there on daily basis. But on the contrary, I am against those asylum seekers through LGBT. Why on earth must you falsify your identity just to get into the West? It is arrant nonsense.

As far as Gambia is concerned with our religious values, social norms, values and ethics in place, if they ever sign a stupid and un-godly thing like LGBT, do not be surprise if Allah (God) sends down calamity on Gambians like how Tsunami swipes away. There were nations before now that were completely destroyed because of ungodly and barbaric act like LGBT. Let the West say how they feel, it’s totally up to them but, it’s about time those political fanatics and Lilliputians of people in our offices we called presidents to do things right and stop being manipulated by the West like puppets. African leadership is in a complete mess and disarray. I think is high time for the younger generation with sound mindset to step up and play our cards well to save our beloved continent from bondage and disarray.

Fakebba Ceesay