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Letters to the Editor

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Time to occupy SSHFC to save our money

Dear editor,

Since I started work 20 years ago my money is always saved at SSHFC so that when I retire I could enjoy my pension or when I die my children can benefit from my savings. Until now SSHFC gives me no incentives such as low cost housing or healthcare or transportation as a worker.

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Rather what I see for the past 2 decades is how my savings were deliberately and immorally taken by Yahya Jammeh and the Board and Management of SSHFC to buy a hotel or a generator for Kanilai or fund activities of APRC.

I have seen how these parasites take my money to bail out public enterprises and institutions such as NAWEC, Gamcel, Ports and others. SSHFC invests our money into other ventures where it makes super profits yet I receive no benefits as the source and a direct shareholder of the corporation.

SSHFC does not seek my permission in the way it utilizes my money. It is because of me that SSHFC has become the richest parastatal in The Gambia.

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Now that we have the new Gambia and there is new MD who wishes to turn things around only to see the entire Government refuse to support this man! While the staff complain of the withdrawal of sugar and hajj packages they seem to forget that workers have died in this country without any rescue from SSHFC!

Why is State House – from the President to the Secretary General to the Minister of Finance cold-feet in addressing this blatant indiscipline and abuse at SSHFC? Are they complicit in the misuse of workers’ money at SSHFC? Why are they not standing with a man who wishes to protect workers’ rights and welfare and ensure that workers enjoy their life savings?

It is high time we the workers also storm and occupy SSHFC to stand with MD Manjang! Let us organize and take charge of our life savings.

#Dafadoy! Occupy SSHFC! Now!

Madi Jobarteh

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