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Letters to the Editor

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The sycophancy goes on
Dear editor
Given all the nonsense that is going on in The Gambia from the lack of leadership of Barrow and Darboe, it’s unbelievable that some Gambian political commentators have to first of all pay tribute to Barrow and Darboe before they could reluctantly condemn the incompetence and the uselessness of The Gambia Government.
“I love Lawyer Darboe”, “I support President Barrow”, “I this Darboe” and “I that Barrow” are the first things that these needy fools will get out of the way before they can say anything remotely critical of Darboe and Barrow.

Some will go as far as trying to absolve Darboe of the nonsense that is going on in The Gambia. Are you kidding me?
Darboe and Barrow are the architects of the buffoonery going on in The Gambia.
Who’s hiring the APRC morons into the government? Who’s condoning the corruption and the mismanagement of public funds in the government? Darboe and Barrow do not deserve to be paid any tribute and respect before addressing the incompetence and the lack of leadership in the country.
All the political and economic problems that Gambians are going through today are caused by Barrow and Darboe. Darboe is the most useless and overrated politician that The Gambia has ever had. And Barrow is the dumbest and the greediest man ever to be made president of The Gambia.

Take a look for example at the mess going on at the SSHFC and for that matter in all the parastatals of The Gambia. It’s shocking that criminals can connive and get Manjang suspended for no apparent reason. But again how can anyone justify the pay and expenses of Manjang and any other directors and top public servants in The Gambia? Do we vote for governments in The Gambia to support the lifestyle of a few people while more than 90% of the people continue to live in abject poverty and subjugation?
How can directors, cabinet ministers and top public servants get paid millions of dalasis per annum when there are no functioning public services in the country?
What is the excuse? These people are educated and competent.

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And I ask myself this simple question, educated and competent in what to live off the poor people at that ridiculous cost?
How can anyone respect any so-called leader who is presiding over one of the worst injustices in the world?
Institutionalised corruption and the legalised mismanagement of public funds and the ruining of the Gambian people and their economy.
Is that what the Gambian president and his vice president should be paid tributes and respect for?
What is wrong with the ordinary Gambians who are supporting this tyranny?
The level of ignorance and stupidity of the general population of The Gambia is mind boggling.

What was the struggle against the Jammeh dictatorship all about?
To replace a bunch of selfish people with another bunch of greedy idiots? And some even more deranged Gambians have started the bullshit of calling for Halifa to be made the president. What difference is that going to make?
I’ve never heard Halifa talk in specifics about what he’s going to do should he be made the president of The Gambia to turn things around for the ordinary Gambians.

Is it going to be another case of replacing a bunch of parasites and scroungers with another bunch of losers to preside over the same gravy train?
The Gambian political discourse is very hard to keep up with.
Ordinary Gambians should not be voting for people into power to institutionalise and legalise corruption and the mismanagement of public funds.
We need someone with a hammer to knock down all the satanic structures of The Gambia Government and rebuild a government structure that will work for the national economic development and the prosperity of The Gambia.

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Replacing one idiot with another fool is not going to change anything.
We must be sure of what we are voting for. We have to be clear what is the agenda for government of the person we are voting for. If we don’t get the right person with the right agenda for government, we’ll be wasting our time going round in circles.
Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Re: Gov’t asked to scrap SSHFC panel
Dear editor,
President Barrow has activated a suicidal timing bomb for all MDs and heads of departments by allowing unruly staff to dictate the removal of a very competent MD who is revamping the corrupt vampire SSHFC kingdom. Barrow has sent a signal that the terrible mismanagement attitude of government and parastatal organisations should not be stopped by anyone. Now it’s left with the heads of departments to either join these reckless and heartless Gambians or apply the “If you cannot beat them, join them” theory. It is sad that the co-conspirators of former president Jammeh are now in full command of Barrow’s government. I have seen no change after the change of government. The future will tell. I urge Gambians to rise up against government’s interference in such situations and Barrow should understand that Gambians will never accept dictatorship in any form.
[email protected]

Re: FBBF must explain mysterious D33m transfer without delay
Dear editor,
I agree with Kinteh Kemo that the idea of a sitting president and/or first lady running a foundation is a very bad one. So too is the idea that the Barrow Youth Movement can receive funds from abroad and embark on mosques building and borehole construction. These actions amount to diversion of funds from the public treasury, where their theft will be much more difficult, into ventures (like a youth movement and foundation) where they can easily be siphoned off. It is very disappointing that this administration has chosen a path that is similar to that of the former; a sure sign of corruption.
[email protected]

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