Letters to the Editor


Tribute to my dear husband Swaebou Conateh Dear editor, I got married to Swaebou Conateh in 1979 as his second wife. Throughout the period we have been together, I have always known him for his piousness and steadfastness in whatever he was involved. Despite his heavy work schedule, he always took his religious obligations quite seriously, and he ensured that he was always in a state of preparedness with ablution and ready to pray wherever he found himself. During the holy month of Ramadan, he used to wake up early in the morning to take his meals to begin the fast, and he was also the last person to break the fast. Swaebou got married to his first wife, Ya Fatu Conteh in 1969 and she passed away in 1999 and she was survived by seven children; five girls and two boys, but one of the boys unfortunately passed away. Sawebou was no doubt one of the best husbands and the best dad to his children, raising them all to be God-fearing, disciplined and ever ready to learn. He was a perfect gentleman who never used any harsh language against his spouses or children. He also loved his siblings to the extent that they were his confidants as well as counsellors. He was also generous to members of his extended family, his neighbours and friends, and many needy students went to school, thanks to his support. He had friends across the board, regardless of religious or ethnic background or one’s status in life. With his demise, the Conateh, Jaiteh and Badjan families of Dippa Kunda, Latrikunda and Serekunda, and indeed the entire country, have lost a great son, husband, father, uncle and grandfather. He is survived by 10 children, 14 grandchildren and a great grandson. All his children are well educated and many of them are happily married. I pray that the Almighty Allah grants him Jannatul Firdaous. Ameen. By Aji Sukai Badjan-Conateh]]>