Letters to the Editor


GDC criticises Barrow comments Dear editor, President Barrow was trying to communicate. Example I have even more power compared to Jammeh who was oppressing people but that is not me, Barrow. Barrow was trying to tell people he is kind and democratic but not weak because he has more power than Jammeh. Newspapers will want to sell their papers and need such headlines like Barrow threatens the public. Kawunkra Mendy   APRC admin secretary Bakso resigns Dear editor, Without going into Mr. Jaiteh’s motives, I wish to remark that without a central strong dictatorial leader, APRC is not viable. Thus the continuing disintegration of the party. It is not built on consensus. It never nurtured diversity of opinions. It was just one man’s doing and in the absence of that one man – coupled with state power, APRC is rendered paralyzed. Many opponents of UDP points out that the party is in disarray because there is no unity of opinion. I say the diversity of opinion within the party is its key competitive advantage. The party has instituted primaries to select flagbearers for every elective office and in so doing anchored the democratic participation and decision-making process. In so doing it has deflected any charges of favouritism of one faction over the other. The party is open for all and any one can get elected or not elected. This formula guarantees the longevity of the party and they are well advised to continue expanding the democratic participation and collective decision mechanisms. The fate of APRC is the vivid testimony of a ONE-MAN party. Must be avoided! Kemo Kinteh   Governor Touray denies ordering Binta Kuyateh’s arrest Dear editor, I think Governor Touray even diverted from the subject in question. Being a UDP in soul but a Governor of a tyrant do not match. That doesn’t make sense. And now to hide behind an erstwhile UDP membership to abrogate any responsibility for demeaning a defenceless woman, is in itself discreditable. It smells to me that Madam Kuyateh is right and Ex-Governor Touray is culpable for the crimes committed against the woman under his watch. We cannot accept collaborators of tyranny to use their erstwhile UDP memberships to abrogate responsibility and escape justice. KK]]>