Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Re: Nigeria’s VP says even 4th poorest state in

Nigeria is richer than Gambia, others

Dear Editor,


Nigeria’s vice president should mind his and Nigeria’s business. I hope that this man does not become president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Why shoud he pick on The Gambia? The number of Nigerians in The Gambia hustling almost equal the size of our population. They come here in droves like Gambians go to Europe. Vice President Osinbajo must be very venal as a looter of Nigerian wealth to become what he is today. Corrupt and venal VP repent! The Gambia and Nigeria are eternal friends even though you apparently want to spoil that. I believe you are a bad administrator.

Jumai Badjie


Dear Editor,

This is hilarious coming from the vice president of Nigeria. How about you tell us the size of the your poorest regions too, the size of your armed robbers, the size of how many of your youths are dying in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach the shores of southern Europe? That will be better than boasting here about your failed government. Size doesn’t matter, what matter are the heart and soul of the people!

Ebrima Cham Samba


Dear Editor,

Gambians please do not be too emotional. Nigeria’s economy is incomparable to The Gambia’s. It doesn’t matter whether Nigerians are scattered across the world or not. What Vice President Osinbajo said is the absolute fact. The Gambia is horribly a very poor country with a population of 2 million. Nigeria has a population of 200 million and Nigerians are having millions inside Nigeria. That is common sense!

Ganz Einfach

Vinzenz von Paul GmbH


Dear Editor,

Thousands of Nigerians are dying in the Mediterranean Sea in their desperate quest to seek greener pastures away from Nigeria yet their country’s vice president is here spewing nonsense about Nigeria bursting with riches. Nigeria is one of the most corrupt and insecure nations on the face of this earth. Nigeria is next to being a failed state.  Nigeria has the highest gab between the rich and poor in whole world.

Mr Vice President fix your country’s problems first because with the population you have if Nigeria does not get it right, African will never be developed and become self-sufficient.

Imran Bojang

Neckargemünd, Germany

Dear Editor,

The vice president of Nigeria has said even the fourth poorest state in Nigeria (in GDP terms) is richer than The Gambia and several countries in Africa. Nigeria has 36 states. He said the state of Ekiti’s GDP is higher than that of The Gambia. The Gambia has a GDP of just US$1.9 billion and Ekiti has a GDP of US$2.8.

Gambians should not just look at headlines but open and read the newspaper. What is wrong in this analysis? We are losing our economy to Senegal everyday thinking that they are our best “development partners” as our president often says. Let us just continue sleeping Gambians!

Lamin Janneh

University of The Gambia

Dear Editor,

This statement from Nigeria’s vice president is utterly outrageous. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs should summon Nigeria’s high commissioner to The Gambia immediately.

Such an irresponsible statement from a statesman in Nigeria to a sovereign country should not be taken trivially.

Pateh Sallah


Re: APRC executive deny they could not

account for millions given by Jammeh


Mr Mbowe obviously suffers from a certain state of confusion. He cannot seriously believe that Essa Faal, UDP or PDOIS would ever form a coalition with anything that has to do with Jammeh and this Judas to democracy Sheikh Tijan Hydara. Smh. Has Mr Mbowe ever heard of the Truth, Reconciliation & Reconciliation Commission? I do not think so, otherwise he would not talk such absurd nonsense. No wonder he thinks Jammeh is on vacation in Equatorial Guinea.

T Baldeh


Dear Editor,

Supporting Jammeh is like supporting his crimes. Absolutely! It doesn’t bother his supporters that our people were murdered, tortured, castrated, raped, dispossessed, etc.. Those disgusting human scums are making careers on the backs of the victims. His bootlicker Sheikh Tijan Hydara was his legal Jungler and today he had the audacity to stand in front of us and says that God will bring him to the State House, that God supports and protects him, that God wants the alliance with Jammeh. This is not just outrageous, he is sick. A sane and decent mind does not think like that. How much information do we need to understand what is already clear. I fear Hydara is worse than Jammeh. Hydara thinks we are all totally stupid, that we are his slaves, otherwise he wouldn’t even dare. The guy will be very dangerous for us and our country.

Tijan Baldeh