Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Ebrima Sankareh is not Gambia government spokesperson

Dear Editor,

In a desperate bid to soil the image of The Gambia government spokesperson, Ebrima G Sankareh and cause discord between him and the NPP-led government of President Adama Barrow, some unscrupulous elements, hiding behind social media, shared poorly written Facebook posts with wild claims against the National People’s Party (NPP).


The said Ebrima Sankareh  or whoever is hiding behind the concocted Facebook post, is not Ebrima G Sankareh, The Gambia government spokesperson and all genuine believers in truth are kindly encouraged to ignore this amateurish piece of junk.

As President Adama Barrow courageously gallops towards victory on 4th  December, 2021 presidential elections, it is all too apparently now that frightened detractors, in their shallow minds, would try to employ all nasty tricks against him and his resolute loyalists but shall not succeed.

Ebrima G Sankareh

The Gambia Government Spokesperson

Re: Opinion: Tribal bigotry towards Mandinkas, and faux Mandinkas

Dear Editor,

Wow, unbelievable! The writer of this piece Maa Touray is divisive and dishonest. All his or her allegations against the Sarahule’s are false, By the way President Barrow has won five constituencies out of seven in Upper River Region including Sandu and Tumana which are Sarahule dominated areas.

Muhamed Jabbie

Bronx, New York

Dear Editor,

It’s only in politics we exhibit tribalism.  As Gambians, we inter-marry, we pray in the same prayer houses. We share the same cemeteries. We share the same food. We donate blood to one other. Blood, I mean. When we need blood, we don’t care if it the donor belongs to our tribe or another

Muhammed Omar


Dear Editor,

Mandinkas are the enemies of themselves. Which tribesmen cemented Yahya Jammeh ? Which tribes belittled and disrespected Sir Dawda Jawara? Which tribes were the closest to Sir Dawda? Which tribes brought separation between Sir Dawda and Sheriff Mustapha Dibba ! Which tribes hate President Barrow the most ? Which tribes are behaving negatively in The Gambia ? Which tribes insults President Barrow? We all know the answers!

Kartaba Nartaba


Dear Editor,

It is really embarrassing to see this kind of statements circulating in our country. Why the hell can’t people learn and change in this country? Tribalism is a 12th  century disease. If people can’t learn and change for equality in this country, a more serious issue will sink this poor little country someday coming soon.

Hamadi Jallow


Dear Editor,

Maa Touray, truth is bitter but you nailed it. It will be difficult for many to swallow it but unless we stop the hypocrisy and respect each other’s opinion we will not be able to build a progressive nation. I encourage all to support their party of choice and forget the people who are more tribalist than any one can imagine. Let’s avoid foolish people who will come and tell you this tribe or person is not worthy because he or she will only be promoting his tribe’s agenda.

Jeff Maka

Tilburg University

The Netherlands

Dear Editor,

Oh my God, this article doesn’t address anything but adding salt to the wound. It’s full of hatred, lies and hypocrisy in itself. The writer has put ethnic groups and tribes to categorise them in hypocritical politics in which they don’t belong. There are tribes he named who don’t have any interest in the political affairs and affiliation in the country. Many of the tribes are content with the little that they have and don’t mind whoever is at the helm of power. I would have encouraged  the writer to find other ways to vent his anger but not on innocent people whose taxes are collected by previous governments just to be insulted in this tribal bigotry. What a shame for The Standard newspaper to publish this opinion piece.

Gilbert Jassey

Kartong, Kombo South

Dear Editor,

Oh my God! I am always disappointed whenever I see certain people trying to castigate other people’s tribes when we are of the same family.

For example, I am a black ugly Serere and my mother is a pretty Mandinka. Do you think I will ever insult the Mandinkas. Only if I’m a confirmed lunatic then will that happen?

Please Gambians, let’s not try to be carried away by tribal sentiments but rather be tolerant.

I believe if I’m in a gathering where Mandinkas are castigated I will physically fight likewise the Sereres.

So where do we get such a bad concept when we are made in this dust, walking in this dust and shall die in this dust and will be buried in this dust!

Gambians, let us wake up and see ourselves as one family and one nation.

Pa Dodou Ndom Jnr