Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


The GDC – APRC tango

Dear editor,

GDC’s attempt to explain away recent Jammeh’s incendiary rhetoric, using party venue, party platform + party communication facilities to spew more decisive tribal rhetoric, should stop. We’ve experienced 22 years of Jammeh supporters excusing Jammeh’s heinous atrocities against defenseless Gambians and non-Gambians alike.

We’ve had enough of these lame attempts and inexcusable attempts to sanitise Jammeh’s record. It will not work because Jammeh must answer to his alleged crimes against humanity.


Are political supporters of the former dictator guilty by association, certainly not. But all those that the TRRC found wanting and are deemed to have their day in court, must face a judge, a magistrate or a tribunal of some sort. In short, the rule of law must apply and that applies to Yaya Jammeh.

GDC has an envious record of staying above the fray and try to operate by focusing on the ideals of community self-reliance. However, this record is being threatened by a move to subsume what’s left of the APRC to bolster the ranks of the GDC if you fail to navigate the treacherous waters that is full of military-grade mines. Do not risk tainting GDC’s record and reputation by coming too close to Jammeh. He is a person of international interest.

Sidi Sanneh

 Re: SSHFC validates D2bn strategic plan

Dear editor,

Listen to this: “The ambitious plan outlines the corporation’s vision and goals to realise its full potential and better fulfill its mandate and mission to serve its membership and external stakeholders with distinction.”

 Now first of all, SSHFC owes it to its contributing members to ensure that they are paid living wages from the contributions & profits the contributions generate. Its absolute insanity having to invest D2.45, 009, 202 billion over five-years when the average pensioner is compensated pittance, each month. And this is while SSHFC’s senior officers give themselves, and other SSHFC staff hundreds of millions in loans to build luxury homes, purchase high end vehicles and stuffing their bank accounts, loans that they never intend to pay back. SSHFC is being used as a bank, which is illegal & should be criminalized. There are banks and other financial institutions whose entire purpose is to among other things offer loans with interest to the general public, start up businesses, government institutions, or invest in the construction of public housing, among others.

 Mathew Jallow