Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Darboe should gun for an opposition coalition

Dear Editor,

NPP supporters don’t like anyone who calls for a coalition between the opposition parties.  A divided opposition is President Barrow’s best chance of winning the presidential election.

Had The Gambia introduced the 50+ electoral system, it would have been a different conversation to have. PDOIS’s Halifa is back to his dead-end politics of the past 22 years trying to invent his own democratic political standards in The Gambia. I wonder when will he get tired of losing elections and trying the impossible of changing the rules of democratic politics?


One would have thought that Essa Faal comes across more sensible and less incorrigible to work with but he’s also holding out so far. Someone’s got to break the eggs and make the omelette! President Barrow stands a better chance of winning the presidential election fighting against a divided opposition.

The matrix in Gambian politics is the dribble of tribal politics and that works more in President Barrow’s favour than Darboe’s. Darboe would have been in a better position to win the presidential election on his own had he put forward a more convincing agenda for government.

It’s more advisable for Darboe to broker an opposition coalition since he can’t put forward a more convincing political agenda to win the presidential election.

Already as can be seen, the tribal trumpets wanted a President Barrow victory despite his appalling presidency. The only way to make these people vote for Darboe is in a coalition.

The lack of political leadership in the country and the rising cost of living expenses are the two political legs walking in Darboe’s favour. Whether that’s enough to win the day remains to be seen. The insurance policy politics that Darboe and the other opposition parties should take out is to form a coalition.

President Barrow is playing the buy your way into the State House political game in a country that has no divisions on political ideology – most voters have a potential price tag and the president is putting money on the table across the country.

Coupled with the bigoted tribal politics Gambian politics is hyphenated by, the sensible thing Darboe should do is to broker a coalition and or put out a more convincing agenda for government! Otherwise anything is possible!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Re: Bertil Harding now to be 3-lane dual carriageway

Dear Editor,

Why another airport if we have 3 to 4 flights in a day, or in a week. Please, our sisters and our wives are dying every day in hospital maternity rooms in every part of the Gambia because of the poor health system. That should be the first priority of the government of The Gambia instead of thinking about reconstructing the airport!

Kaw Silla Tunkara

Barcelona, Spain

Dear Editor,

Instead of spending millions of dalasis, why not make improve and extend the current VIP/presidential lounge we have? Do we really need that big and very expensive presidential lounge at the Banjul International Airport?

I am advising government of The Gambia to make better use of the OIC funds.

Lamin Sawo


Dear Editor,

OIC projects are in good and capable hands. The officials are doing their utmost to see these projects become a reality for Gambians. Let us give all our prayers to the entire staff of the OIC for their efforts. Let’s be positive in our thinking and not be negative. Gone are those days when we do not know what we want. Now we are fighting together for a great nation. 

Mathew Samura