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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Your Excellency President-Elect,

Please accept my warm congratulations on your land slide electoral victory and my sincere best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges ahead of you.

The Gambian people have decided. Indeed, it was your hard work and dedication, which resulted in your victory in the Dec 4 Presidential election.

I pray that Allah provides you the strength and wisdom to unite the country and build a better Nation that will promote peace and stability.

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Batch Samba Jallow, Esol Certified Teacher

Central High School

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Prince George’s County


Congratulations – Mr President

I part take your joy in the landslide indisputable manner you have been elected by we the citizens of the Gambia to lead the state for another five years.

Congratulations Dear Brother! I feel proud and to share the pride of every Gambian accordingly.   In the way and manner we upheld Care, Respect, Love and admiration for and to each other.   Throughout every second of the clock during the process we casted our votes.  This has made the Gambia an envy of the entire world which we must celebrate in your honour and on behalf of every Gambian.

There was no abnormal cause to stain the legitimacy of our maturity as very responsible people, with a high regard for Democracy and the rule of law, all through the minutes the election process lasted.  Together we come on board the chariot to sing and hail the journey to a New Day Gambia.  I congratulate you, my beloved fellow citizens and compatriots.

Your Excellency, I wish to share with you an inspiration which has given me reason through the Will and Wish of Allah SWT to please suggest to you that you create and establish a Provisional Proportional Representation Mandate.  Through which every aspirant or presidential candidate who contested the election to be rewarded the votes casted for them as a result, in the form of a  positions in cabinet. This will be a fair share to each contestant and their individual political parties and the citizens who voted for them.

In addition to this,  let me seize the opportunity behalf of every Gambian at home and abroad, to humbly seek your consent and endorsement for the approval to appoint the Honourable Mr. Halifa Baboucarr Sallah to the post of Vice President.  Mr. Sallah spent the best of his life vying to contribute his quota to the  development of our Great Motherland. Not with standing his eligible competence to the position of Vice President.  I am sure the people will surely be pleased.  It will further uplift the image of The Gambia.

This honorable and  unforgettable gesture will be shared by every person of substance in the whole world.

This is the level The Gambia is now at. In this day and age. This move will undoubtedly uphold your legacy to posterity in the history of time. This is truly the birth of a new day for The Gambia and all of us.

Your Excellency, Rise and Shine! We pray together as a nation in the name of Allah SWT.

We pray, that Allah’s Mercy, Blessing and Protection be with you now and always. Allah’s Blessing to The Gambia and all of us. Therein!

May Allah continue to guide you in every move you make. In thought or action,  now and forever.

Extend our sincere regards to your entire family. 

In line with our common good on behalf of every Gambian, please allow me to bow out.

Congratulations yet again.

I am most respectfully yours,

Abdoulaye Ngom

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