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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Someone’s got to say it

Dear Editor,

One could dislike Ousmane Sonko of Senegal for many reasons but he’s your ideal politician and political leader.

Ousmane Sonko has a vision for his national development and has the ideas how to actualise his vision into national development, economic prosperity and political stability in Senegal.

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Gambian politics and political leaders lacked vision and the ideas on how to develop the national economy generating economic prosperity and the political stability of the country.

Ousmane Sonko is talking about extricating Senegal from the political, financial and economic influence of France.

The Gambia government and politicians on the other hand are pushing The Gambia under the political, financial and economic sphere of influence of France.

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That’s the disparity in the zeitgeist of politics and political leadership between Senegal and The Gambia.

If The Gambia has any capable and competent government, politics and political leadership, we’d have been talking about how to benefit from joining The Chinese One Belt One Road global infrastructure development projects.

Kenya is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa because Kenya is attracting economic development investment from the Chinese Belt Road Initiative.

Ghana is developing faster than Nigeria because Ghana is attracting economic development investment from the Chinese Belt  Road Initiative.

Why is The Gambia government and Gambian politicians not talking about The Gambia joining the Chinese Belt Road Initiative?

President Barrow, Gambian politics and politicians are brain dead in politics, economics and finance.

They have no idea about politics, the economics of national development and economic prosperity.

There’s no politics and politicians in The Gambia that have a credible vision and ideas how to develop the national economy, generate economic prosperity and political stability in the country.

All that Gambian politics and politicians talk about is the constitution and corruption.

Talking about the constitution and corruption are not a vision and ideas how to develop the national economy, provide jobs, public services and enhance the political stability of the country. What’s the point of having many politicians and political parties in The Gambia when all of them talk about the same nonsense ideas that anyone who has any brains ought to know is a dead cat?

Capacity in politics and political leadership is a major problem hindering the development of the national economy, national stability and prosperity for the Gambian people.

Education and awareness in the different domains of statecraft locally and internationally are in short supply in Gambian politics and political leadership.

The president is hapless and the opposition politicians are more out of touch.

Politics and political leadership is about vision, ideas and having the courage of your conviction to see through the vision and ideas.

The education system in The Gambia is mass-producing these half humans and half animals everywhere.

People in Gambian politics and public life are the ones referred to as educated and competent but they are not!

If a human is trained to become an animal, he/she becomes more dangerous than the animal they are trained to become.

We have national politicians in The Gambia and in parliament who cannot speak the English language, they don’t understand the concept of democratic politics, they don’t know anything about economics, finance and international politics.

How could unfit in politics, economics and finance become politicians, cabinet ministers, MPs and the president in The Gambia?

And you wonder why it’s the lowlife stuff we talk about in politics – tribalism, corruption and the constitution!

Stupid things that have no national economic development benefits!

The politics and political leadership of a country are supposed to talk about the vision and the ideas how to develop the national economy providing jobs, public services, affordable living standards and greater political freedoms and economic prosperity of the people.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


RE: Scholars differ on the appointment of female cadis

Dear Editor,

Your reporter Alagie Manneh explained in his story that a number of Gambian scholars including leading imams have criticised the appointment last week of female cadis, describing it as “un-Islamic”.

I agree with the comments of Imam Chebo Cham and Dr Alhagie Ndure but I do not agree with Imam Omar Jammeh of Bakau.

If he is contesting that there is no verse in the Qur’an which forbids the appointment of female cadis, then can he also provide any verse in the Qur’an which defines the number of units he should pray in each obligatory prayer? Does the Qur’an also specify that he should pray fajr at the time fixed in his mosque? Islam is for those with wisdom, with all due respect.

Saikou Jeng


Dear Editor,

To understand Islam is different from memorising the Qur’an and knowing few hadith. I have never been in support of Imam Chebo Cham because to me he lacks wisdom of Islam.

Seedy Cham

Athens, Greece

Dear Editor,

Tell Imam Chebo Cham and Dr Alhagie Ndure that we don’t have Sharia in our country. Muslims and non-Muslims have the same rights.  Our laws allow women to contest any elective office in the country.

Jalamang Ceesay

Montreux, Switzerland

Dear Editor,

The reaction from some of the people you have interviewed is unwarranted. Afghanistan is a Muslim country ruled by the Taliban with sharia yet they have female judges.

Lamin Mbaye


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