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Letters to the Editor

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Lawyer Lamin J Darbo is right!

Dear Editor,

After all the noise, the inevitable was declared. Momodou Sabally is not qualified to stand as National Assembly Member. Writing in your edition of 15th March 2022, the erudite lawyer Lamin J Darbo, stated that Mr Sabally “appears not to have a snowball’s chance in hell in overturning the IEC decision” of rejecting his nomination.

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Even as a non-legal mind, I know Momodou Sabally stood no chance of overturning his rejection. I think anyone who does not have a wool cast over their eyes sees that. The law cannot be clearer on this, hence Lawyer Darbo’s interesting choice of phrase, “not…a snowball’s chance in hell…”

I think Mr Sabally was just on a personal ego ride and took along the hapless UDP with him. Now the UDP will support the independent candidate Mr Kanteh who I learn is a nephew of party leader Ousainu Darboe. Both Mr Kanteh and the UDP are on the back foot in this race and will have to play catch-up with the NPP candidate Jarjue. They have lost good opportunity and valuable time now that public meetings have been suspended in honour of Ramadan.

Barring a great miracle, NPP’s Mr Jarjue will be comfortably returned as NAM for Busumbala constituency and the UDP will not have anyone to blame but itself and Momodou Sabally.

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Dodou Jobe

Brufut Heights

Gambia, here’s how democratic politics is structured

Dear Editor,

No one is above the law including the judges and magistrates. And no laws are above the democratic principles and practices. The high court is wrong in its judgment that Sabally is barred on grounds that are being contested in court.

Maybe Sabally should appeal the erroneous judgment to the Supreme Court!

I’m not interested if Momodou Sabally is barred from holding public office but the judiciary in The Gambia needs a rude awakening. It’s getting more diabolical about democratic politics and law applications in The Gambia!

In the end, the problem is that the political forces (the UDP) “fighting” for democracy and the rule of law in The Gambia is seriously damaged.

And Momodou Sabally is more damaged than the UDP!

The UDP must realise that it will not win in its political struggles and tribulations without the political goodwill of the Gambian people. That means that the UDP needs a new leader, new politics and a new beginning!

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang


Uighur Muslims in China are also facing genocide!

Dear Editor,

Well done The Gambia for taking Myanmar to the International Court of Justice for the genocide being perpetrated against the Rohingyas in Myanmar. However, Myanmar’s neighbour, China, is committing similar crimes against the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas fled their homes in Myanmar and are seeking refuge in Bangladesh. China’s Communist Party incarcerates over one million Uighurs in so-called re-education camps forcing them to assimilate.

China is sterilising Uighurs in a bid to stop them produce offspring and destroy their culture. If The Gambia is serious about human rights, it should take similar actions against China. But you cannot take poor Myanmar to ICJ for genocide and turn a blind eye on what China is doing to the Uighurs.

It seems The Gambia cares about the Rohingyas and not Uighurs in China. The world will only take The Gambia seriously if it cut ties with China, take the Communist Party of China and President Xi Jinping to the ICJ. 

The cases of the Rohingyas and the Uighurs deserve similar and equal treatment!

Omar Wally


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