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Letters to the Editor

Curtail purchase on flamboyant or exotic cars, petrol and invest on agriculture, fishing and electricity
Dear editor,
Election of this government to power is for a total change and not a sacrificial lamb of change. The former government was accused of numerous ills including abuse of authority, squander, lavished money, greeds, dish –out money, corrupt practices, bad governance, inefficiency, injustice, buying flamboyant or exotic cars, living an expensive life style and violation of human rights. Gambians want decent life, better standard of living, better salaries, owing homes from government estates or land, respect and dignity.

Gambians want leaders who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Gambians want leaders who care for them, listen to them, share things with them, have a spirit of give and take, smile and laugh with them. Statistically, Gambia has a debt of almost over D46 billion dalasis. With these figures, anticipation of burden with heavy taxation could be imminent. Suffice to say that the poor tax-payers are to pay the debt. This is too much for a small undeveloped country without natural resources. The economy of the Gambia depends largely on the cultivation of groundnuts and cotton as the main cash crops. The cultivation of these two crops has dropped significantly for the past years and has vastly affected the economy. As of now, the country is heavily relying on tourism which is another big contributor to the economy.

Tourism is a very vital component in the development of our economy and government to do utmost to give a breeding space to Tour Operators for all year continuity. Participation of business people, investors and hoteliers are paramount key players and are to be encouraged to be on board and government to create the enabling environment. With the slow infrastructure development and economic stability taking shape, government should think drastically to curtail public spending on luxury, flamboyant or exotic cars, petrol, travelling and miscellaneous expenses.

Electricity is the major source of energy and yet it is erratic with frequent power cuts and including water shortage daily. This scares investors. Government should put in money to rehabilitate the old institution of Public Works Department (P.W.D) to employ graduate students from G.T.T.I in auto mechanic, engineering, welding, carpentry, repairs and maintenance of vehicles. This will serve as a source of revenue for the youths and deter them from embarking on a perilous journey to Europe and losing lives. Most of these exotic and expensive cars purchased by government have no show room for the availability of spare parts and most of these vehicle parts regularly removed, abandoned and are in dilapidated conditions. The consumption of petrol strictly regularized, proper maintenance of vehicles to serve long.

Mr Koli Mbacke
Bundung Highway

On the agric ministry saga
Dear editor,
OJ Jallow is a state minister who’s appointed and serves at the pleasure of the President. He can make suggestions, but can’t dictate who should be or shouldn’t be appointed a P.S. under his ministry – that decision belongs to the President through the PMO.
So while a mere entertainment of OJ’s recent move to reject an appointed P.S tantamount to allowing blatant insubordination to prevail, letting his words stand by rescinding the P.S’s appointment is a testament that President Barrow is either just too nice or his blatant weakness and cluelessness are being mistaken for niceness.
Nanama Keita

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Letters to the Editor