Letters to the Editor : Getting it right


Leadership is not about oneself but the people. Connecting with them particularly the silent majority. Their needs, fears, hopes, existence and the deep contradictions threatening their very existence. Thus, getting it right breeds hope. Hope for peace, equal opportunity, personal and national development.

As the brouhaha of who should be appointed to the office of the IGP deepens, we all seem to lose sight of how to get the smooth transition right: APPOINTING AN ACTING IGP until such a time the president decides who he wants to be his police chief. I appreciate that religion and culture play crucial roles in our very existence especially when it comes to bereavement. Notwithstanding, protocol and procedures must never be obliterated by emotional or political blindness.

While the president is scouting for his next police chief, the DIG should be appointed Acting IGP. It minimises confusion, fear and facilitates smooth transition. One can easily notice the confusion on the statements of Poliso Magazine.


At one point it will be “the police high command” while at another it becomes “under the leadership of DIG”. That is not only grossly unfortunate but deeply disturbing and opening a window of undermining the position of the DIG.

When Kinteh resigned as IGP, the late Jobe was immediately appointed Acting IGP before he was confirmed IGP. No eyebrows were raised on the delay of appointing an IGP. Getting it right curbs the eruption of unnecessary rumours.

Sulayman Jeng,