Letters to the Editor : Re: Bantaba interview with Ousainu Darboe, Secretary General of United Democratic Party?


Dear Editor,

The doyen, Ousainu Darboe, has spoken. I am happy. Adama Barrow as president should not have told the doyen that Pa Njie ‘Girigara’ had left the UDP to join the GDC which is a party affiliated to the APRC of Yahya Jammeh. Mr Njie ‘Girigara’ had not abandoned the UDP at the time. He was a UDP supporter and he continued to support the party on the ground. For President Barrow, my advice to him is to reconsider Pa Njie ‘Girigara’s ambitions for the party if he wants peace.


Abdoulie Nyang


Dear Editor,

Mr Darboe, I agree it was never your personality that cost the UDP the 4th December presidential election. It was the electoral fraud that denied you becoming president of The Gambia. Don’t mind the dogs who cannot even wag their tails to drive away flies. Baba, you are a hero and you never betrayed people but instead you are the victim of many betrayers. We love you to death.

Manjang Baa

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Editor,

If UDP feels like having Mr Darboe as its party leader, why the noise? No one can decide for UDP. UDP chose Baa Ousainu Darboe! That’s obvious. If someone thinks he is not the choice of the UDPians, let that person grab a membership card of the yellow party and then make his or her voice heard. Go challenge him in a UDP congress. I think that is better. Wa salam.

M Salieu Jallow

Dubai, UAE

Dear Editor,

Yes, I am saying that Ousainu Darboe’s personality and demeanour was a big part of why UDP lost the presidential election. Gambians will never elect him president and that’s as clear as black and white, with him having failed to win the hearts and minds of voters for 25 odd years of asking.

Bass Sonko

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Dear Editor,

Mr Ousainu Darboe has been inspiring truthful Gambians for three decades. We all know that this man was winning elections even in the Jammeh era. It is just that our country, The Gambia, is the most backward country on earth as we do not want clean, genuine and honest people to run things in our government. Many people will never see the light.

Alhagie NL Jammeh

Malcolm, Nebraska

Dear Editor,

Pa Njie Girigara has no shame and he is the most corrupt businessman ever to live in the country. He changed political position like a prostitute. I have extensive interaction with him during the struggle to remove Jammeh but I know he lies a lot and would do and say anything to be recognised. His allegations against Honourable Darboe are complete lies and dishonest propaganda.

‘Maxes Mars’


Dear Editor,

We love you Baba and you won the presidential election. It was very clear to everyone, even the insane. But because of illiteracy, the majority of Gambians can’t decide for themselves. It is so sad for The Gambia!