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Letters: What is actually enough for them?


Dear editor,

Nko, when Sabally made such distasteful, disrespectful, accusatory condescending and unprovoked vitriolic attack on Essa Faal in relation to his work at TRRC, he did so on his own volition and on his personal space and platform. As caustic , indefensible and repugnant as his attacks were, they represented his personal views and neither for nor on behalf of UDP. The response, outrage and condemnation from many Gambians were quick, robust and blistering. Some of the uncompromising rebuke and show of public support for counsel Essa Faal came from UDP supporters…

I understand too that not everyone who responded to Sabally were/are motivated or angered by what was obviously a his misguided onslaught on TRRC as an institution and a clear attempt to undermine public confidence;  Some are apparently incensed by Sabally’s membership of UDP and are on a fishing and disingenuous expedition to tie his grossly reckless remarks to UDP.  But given UDP’s fair share of more than two decades of sustained terror and systematic victimization under Yahya Jammeh, it would be illogical, unfair and insensitive to conclude that the party top brass – many of them victims – would endorse such irresponsible evisceration of TRRC officials. The party does not have to make a public/official declaration for Gambians to know where it stands because that party is a victim too with scar to show!  UDP does not have to issue a public statement to show responsibility because its unblemished record of leadership, care and responsibility is self evident…

Thus, we will welcome and support any and all genuine defense of TRRC but we will equally call out sheepish and overt ploy to wrongfully target UDP just because it is convenient to do so. Sabally  – and he alone – should shoulder the blame squarely and not UDP or any member of its executive.

Zakaria Kemo Konteh,

Queens, USA

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