Letters: When greed reaches its end!


Dear editor,

At a time when the Gambian people groan and go under the weight of the tornado that hit the country recently, leaving serious human and material losses, we find some merchants of the country taking advantage of this horrible situation to increase the prices of building materials, even greed reached them They raised the price of bottled water that some have resorted to fuel their thirst due to the challenges faced by the National Water and Electricity Company in restoring its services severely hit by the windstorm.


It’s disgusting that traders in Gambia are used to exploiting people’s suffering and denying them by storing goods in times of dire need as an excuse to raise prices. During the holy month of Ramadan, the prices of all commodities rise dramatically beyond the ability of the average Gambian citizen who struggles daily to block his rundown. As Eid al-Adha approaches, sacrificial prices rise at the expense of disadvantaged members of society, who make up the vast majority of the country’s population. In other parts of the world, the business community realizes its social responsibility and thus contributes its share to national issues especially during crisis to complement the government’s efforts.

Unfortunately, our entrepreneurs care more about making profits than empathy for their skin and alleviating their suffering and pain. In words like this we all witness the eye.

Gambian businessmen should have turned this unprecedented disaster and ordeal into a grant and opportunity by selling building materials and other essentials at affordable prices as a means to contribute to alleviating the suffering of thousands of citizens affected by the disaster.

Although the authorities have expressed their willingness to help, we know the limited government’s possibilities; therefore, it is imperative for all, especially businessmen, to lend a hand to the victims of the disaster in any way possible. Rather, businessmen must take the lead in helping victims, because the situation is a humanitarian situation and must be dealt with in this context.

Noteworthy that a haughty wind storm swept the Gambia on July 7, leaving an impact of destruction.

Basidia M Drammeh