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Letters: Yahya Jammeh’s sacrilegious presidency

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Dear editor,

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Yesterday’s heartbreaking testimony at the TRRC was eclipsed by the Commission’s poor judgment to televise and validate the infamous reconciliation between the two blood-stained killers. Nonetheless, we are not letting the damning testimony slide.

Yusupha Sanneh was your quintessential soldier who found his calling in the defense and protection of his homeland, The Gambia. He’d put in the training and time to earn his place in the top tier of infantry just so he could better serve his country. Unfortunately, Yusupha became a victim of slavery, lies and abuse perpetrated by none other than his own Commander-in-Chief, Yahya Jammeh.

Through Mr Sanneh’s appearance before the TRRC, we have cemented our understanding of the pathetic and disgusting behaviors of Yahya Jammeh towards people closely serving him and the pimp business or near prostitution ring he supported to satisfy his sexual fantasies. From cussing out the parents (mothers especially) of some of his orderlies to physically abusing them to outright lying against and/or framing them up in crimes, Yahya Jammeh’s vindictive and ignoble penchant to inflict pain and suffering on his defenseless and vulnerable victims were without bounds. While we may never know the number of women Yahya Jammeh had exploited or taken advantage of using the power of the presidency, we do know for certain that many of his victims are hurting and suffering in silence.

When Gambians defeated Yahya Jammeh at the polls in December 2016, they had also broken the chain of physical and sexual slavery he’d perpetuated around the Presidency, ruining innocent lives in the process and desecrating the highest Office of the Republic. We thank Yusupha Sanneh for his courage in speaking the truth and for laying to bare the filth of human form in Yahya Jammeh despite the potential backlash. With his testimony, TRRC has a new credible opening to investigate serious sexual violations committed against our women by Yahya Jammeh.

We also hope that the Commission will look into the conditions of Yusupha’s parents with a view to determining the impact of their horrific treatment at the NIA in 2012 on their health.

Zakaria Kemo Konteh
Queens, USA

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